And the results are in …

Puzzled man

“I already told you, I have absolutely no idea where Pete in Basildon is”

Back in January we ran the Brits in Toronto First Annual Survey to see what our readers like and dislike about the website, and what they wanted to see more or less of.

Well, the responses are in, and here they are.

Do you live in Toronto permanently or just visiting?
90% said they lived in Toronto permanently and 10% were just visiting.

What made you decide to come to Toronto?
Answers included: “Wanted a change in scenery,” “Job,” “Canadian girlfriend, now wife,” “Seconded by Canadian arm of my UK employer,” “Getting married,” “Family,” “Love the place,” “Work, quality of life, not the beer, although I am trying to change that!” “Father decided there were more economic opportunities here.”

What is your employment status?
90% are working full time, and 10% are looking for a job.

Are you happy as a Brit in Toronto?
55% said, “Yes, love it mate!” and 45% said, “Still mulling that one over …”

How did you hear about Brits in Toronto?
The majority said Twitter. (Good, because we don’t really think Facebook works.)

What do you love/dislike about Toronto?
Some loves included: “So much going on, easy to travel,” “Summer,” “My job and the friends I have made,” “Sport and shopping,” “I love the snow,” “Restaurants,” “The city itself,” “Quality of life, multiculturalism, generally kind and generous people,” “Shopping, restaurants, cultural events.”
Some dislikes included: “Lack of good biscuits,” “Lots,” “The cost of living,” “Not being able to walk to bars and restaurants from where I live,” “Canadian $,” “TTC ( transport for London you are forgiven),” “Being asked to sit down at a bar — I have legs and have been able to drink beer standing up for 20 years now!” “Liquor laws,” “People in general. Lack of humour,” “Poor transit infrastructure, too many condos, road construction,” “TTC problems, cold winters, Rob Ford (RIP).”

What Brit-related activities/social/products/food/drink etc. do you engage in?
Answers included: “Hiking in/around the city (a fairly British pursuit I think), Indian-British-style curry eating, drinking Yorkshire tea, avoiding paying bank fees,” “Like to find fish, chips and mushy peas. Bring Yorkshire tea from home. Crave real bacon and a real Sunday roast,” “Nothing so far,” “Football, pubs, finding British products,” “Football, food and drink, TV,” “Not really any right now.”

What features do you like on Brits in Toronto and/or what should we cover in 2016?
Answers included: “Interviews,” “General updates,” “Just started reading it,” “Reviews,” “Rugby,” “All of it,” “It’s all good,” “I moved here a long time ago so like to keep up with what is happening,” “Coverage of British Torontonians in the news, and Britain-related events in Toronto.”

Do you know Pete in Basildon by any chance? He still owes us a tenner.
20% said they did know Pete in Basildon, and 80% denied all knowledge of the mug.

A huge cheers to all those that took part, we listened and will circle back in January 2017 with another survey if the synergy ties in with Brits in Toronto’s stratcom.


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