Totally biased product review by me — Chef Bombay Beef Vindaloo


Didn’t really live up to our expectations, this one

Really silly busy day running around in the warm sun (luv it!) and picking out our pubs for the Champions League and Blue Jays. Didn’t have time to cook up a proper lunch, so decided to give Chef Bombay Beef Vindaloo that we picked up in Loblaws a try.

Yuugggeee mistake! The photo above is what we discovered upon opening the box. NOT what it looks like in the photograph on the front, trust us. It was a really tiny portion too.

But taste is king, so we threw it in the microwave and Googled Jose Mourinho looking glum just to pass a few minutes while we waited.

We thought the rice was a bit stuck together and the meat was a little congealed.

It was quite spicy though, but that wasn’t enough to elevate this particular curry past a Brits in Toronto 1/5 stars.


1 thought on “Totally biased product review by me — Chef Bombay Beef Vindaloo

  1. Chess and Onions

    You’re a bit harsh. I agree that it’s way overpriced, but the microwaved rice was really nice and moist, and the beef wasn’t chewey at all. The sauce is exactly what you’d expect from an Indian cuisine. it’s 3/5 for me (1 star for the meagre beef portion, 1 star for the price)


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