Hemingway’s is looking for a football supporters’ club to make it their HQ


The future HQ of your football supporters’ club or a stock photo stolen from Google?

Hemingway’s is a great pub with an even better patio. If you haven’t been there or are new to Toronto we highly recommend it. (That should earn us a free pint.)

Joking aside, Daimin reached out and alerted Brits in Toronto to the fact that the pub is looking for a football supporters’ club to make it their regular HQ.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Reaching out, we are interested in getting one of the supporters’ clubs that is looking for a home down to Hemingway’s.

“Our only challenge is we are looking for a smaller club … the room we would make available only holds 50-60. So I know that rules us out of some of the bigger clubs, but perhaps there is a group out there where we could be a good fit.

“Anyway, e-mail me at daimin AT hemingways DOT TO if interested.”

So, there you have it. Run a football supporters’ club with no place to cheer or commiserate come match day? Sorted.


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