Let’s all help fellow Brit Simon find a job!

Simon Williams-Im

Friendly, outgoing, experienced, well travelled and a snappy dresser; form a queue, HR people

Simon got in touch with Brits in Toronto for help in finding a new role.

He wrote: “I am new to Toronto and I am looking for a new full- or part-time job for Monday-Friday. I am currently working remotely for a call centre for a charity and working as an online English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher.

“I have previous work experience as a receptionist, general admin, ESL instructor, journalist and a range of other roles (aka well rounded!).”

Simon is also very modest. His very nice website also mentions that he’s lived around the world including nearly eight years in South Korea … Belgium, Israel and England. Alongside a range of office and retail based roles in Birmingham, England and Vancouver.

“I am a very outgoing individual who is looking for a full- or part-time role in Toronto. I can start at short notice and hold a Canadian PR card,” he adds.

So, if you can help this Brummie land his next role — or just to compliment him on his cool fashion sense! — then you can find him at LinkedIn or via his resume.


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