Totally biased product review by me — Campbell’s Chunky Butter Chicken and Vegetables Soup

Felt like a “curry in a soup” box was being ticked somewhere

We work hard at Brits in Toronto to scour the city and find the best curry so when we saw that Chunky — a pretty good brand — had deemed it necessary … some would say essential … to put Butter Chicken and vegetables into a soup version, we just had to try it.

The colour was on point, the kind of orangey-yellow you would expect and the consistency wasn’t too bad, but a little thick. Usually that works but not really in this case.

There was a decent amount of chicken pieces in there and the vegetables were OK too. Absolutely no spicy heat as to be expected on a Butter Chicken dish.

The consensus was that Chunky was trying to tick a “curry in a soup” box here but didn’t really pull it off. Kind of blah.

We give it a Brits in Toronto 1/5 stars.

Update November 1, 2020
The horror! Forgot we already reviewed this once already back in October 2018. Gave it the same score then too.


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