Request from the Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners

Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners

Got an e-mail today from Ian Andexser, Chairman, Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners, an organization we’ve featured extensively on Brits in Toronto mainly via postings by Nigel Nelson (if you want to search back).

Ian has requested some support from British expats living in Canada, so here it is as written …

“As many of you know I am very involved in trying to get British pensions indexed in Canada and regardless of whether you are a member of our association or not, you can support a very important action about to take place.

“First of all you should be aware that our pressure on the Canadian government has resulted in them recently sending an official request to the UK to enter into a social security agreement to cover pensions. This is HUGE!

“The UK have recently signed 23 new agreements with EU countries because of Brexit, and it will be very difficult for them to refuse Canada’s request.

“I have been able to arrange (through our lobbyists in London) for a ‘virtual’ Zoom video meeting next month between British MPs and Canadian MPs to discuss the issue and we have [a] newspaper in the UK prepared to write a story leading up to this important meeting, but they want the headline to be … ‘Thousands of expats in Canada ask PM Boris’ … etc.

“So I am pleading with you to go to this link and add your name to the letter.

“You should also send this e-mail [blog post] to every British person you know living in Canada regardless of them being a pensioner or not (they will be some day) and ask them to do the same thing.”


1 thought on “Request from the Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners

  1. Ray Briggs

    Thanks for your effort . One point is that many of us are ex national service members who deserve this issue to be resolved


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