500,000 frozen overseas British pensioners

Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners

Nigel Nelson from the Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners reached out to Brits in Toronto with his latest thoughts. He mentioned stepping back from fighting the “frozen British State Pension” issue and sent in the following article. Thanks and all the best, Nigel.

Anne Puckridge is 98 years old, and served in all of the armed forces, in India during WWII. She receives a weekly pension of £72.50, far below the current basic state pension, which by April will reach £156.20 per week.

Why? Because at the age of 76, Anne moved to Canada to be closer to her family in old age. In doing so, she inadvertently became one of 500,000 Britons, and one of 60,000 military veterans, who are cruelly denied their full UK state pension by the British Government.

Canada is one of 106 countries that British pensioners can retire to and their British State Pension is “frozen” at the level first received. Countries that have the most “frozen” British Pensioners include Australia with 225,000, Canada with 126,000, New Zealand with 64,000 and South Africa with over 30,000.

Other “frozen” countries include Japan (7,000), Thailand (Over 5,000), India (over 4,000) and Pakistan (over 2,500).

Have you noticed how much food prices have gone up in the last year? Around 14%, that is how much.

How are pensioners like Anne expected to manage when their British State Pension doesn’t increase year on year; exchange rates are also falling, so, in real terms Anne is getting less each year, yet food and heating prices are going through the roof.

How is she, and 126,000 like her expected to manage?

The non-indexation of the British Government pension is costing the Canadian economy $450 million a year.

Can we please highlight the plight of Anne, and the other half a million “frozen” British Pensioners, in articles and interviews, by signing this petition and also encouraging your audience to do so also.

If you would like to read more details on how indefensible the UK’s “frozen” pensions policy is, please read this article: “Indefensible!”: Pensioners join forces to stop 500,000 people receiving “poverty pension.”

Thanks very much.

Kind regards,
Nigel Nelson
Previous Chair of the International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP)


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