Let’s all help fellow Brit Adam find a job!

We’ve had the pleasure of featuring a lot of Successful Brits in Toronto on the site recently, and also enjoy helping the next generation cross the pond to join that illustrious group. Today we’re happy to “big up” Adam who is looking for a move into recruitment or facilities management. Adam considers himself to have, “excellent organisation, […]

Let’s all help fellow Brit Adam Winfield find a job!

As mentioned on our Jobs page, we like to help fellow Brits in Toronto find work and jobs. You just need to send some details and a link to some more information — as much as you’re comfortable sharing online — and we’ll put it out there in the hope that the British ex-pat community can keep […]

Let’s all help fellow Brit Rob Lancaster find a job!

As mentioned on our Jobs page, we like to help fellow Brits in Toronto find work and jobs. You just need to send some details and a link to some more information — as much as you’re comfortable sharing online — and we’ll put it out there in the hope that the British ex-pat community […]

Join the Brits in Toronto community and Toronto FC for a huge football event on June 7

Brits in Toronto, the Toronto Brit Meetup Group and Typically British Toronto have teamed up with Toronto FC for a night of fun, football, music, pints, food, networking and interactive games with prizes to be won on Friday, June 7. A lot of work is going into the planning of this for the British community […]

Let’s all help fellow Brit Nicole find a job!

Been a while since we posted so firstly … happy new year! Only about 346 days left till Christmas. Let’s start off mid-January 2019 with helping a fellow Brit find a job. Nicole will be making the big move to Toronto at the beginning of April this year on an International Experience Canada working holiday […]

Totally biased product review by me — Coastal Rugged, Mature British Cheddar

When Nancy — our Brits in Toronto office accountant — heard that we were testing out something “rugged” and “mature” she got a little flustered. A tad disappointed when she found out it was just a “hunk” of cheese. Nancy tutted a few times and went back to cutting and pasting our Thank God It’s Friday, Let’s […]

Let’s all say hello to the Toronto Scottish Rugby Football Club

We haven’t done a profile piece in a while, so here’s one on the Toronto Scottish Rugby Football Club, sent to us by Michael Loney, Communications Director … Hello there! Founded in 1953, we are the Toronto Scottish Rugby Football Club (TSRFC). Operating three times a week during the April to October season in the […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Katya Garipova

Pete Beale from EastEnders was the loveable market trader that constantly tried to flog spuds to punters as they wandered around Albert Square. Who can forget his cheeky Cockney banter and shout of, “Awight tweacle?!” to Sharon, or Kath. We can’t recall who, but he was a sales legend. Katya Garipova also tries to flog […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Roanna Cochrane

Just like we predicted, it’s been drier than a hedgehog’s chuffer on the Successful Brits in Toronto front — and then similar to Toronto’s TTC buses, three come along at once. But we’re not complaining. Just glad to be in this great city of Toronto. And actress Roanna Cochrane is too. You remember that scene […]

Hello, I’m British Bloke

Hello everyone, my name is John, AKA “British Bloke” and I created Brits in Toronto almost four years ago. How time flies and what a brilliant experience it’s been. I started this website with the aim of helping Brits discover Toronto, find out the best places to buy the products they missed from home, interview […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Jaime Randle

As well as the “best pubs, curry, jobs and dental care,” we’re always on the lookout for Successful Brits in Toronto to highlight. It only took a Twitter chat of 14 words (count ’em) to snag Jaime Randle. That’s probably our record so far. [Brian, get Paul to insert a second paragraph here before publishing […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Caitlin King

It’s been absolutely yonks since we featured a Successful Brit in Toronto, maybe because we’ve all been caught up in the excitement of the Pan Am Games or something. Let’s go! What made you decide to choose Toronto as a city of choice? Did you plan a permanent move, or wanted to “try it for […]

Behind the scenes of … a fish and chip shop

We’re very excited to launch a new series of articles: Behind the scenes of … On a regular basis (we’re not committing to a definite schedule in case the series flops and this is the only one) we will contact British institutions — such as a fish and chip shop — and ask the hard […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Patrick O’Donoghue

Successful Brits in Toronto are like the buses in the city: every-bloody-where! And you thought we were going to riff on this tweet, right? OK, enough with the throwaway banter. Tonight we feature Patrick O’Donoghue who originally hails from Bristol. The Bristol tourism website proudly states, “Want to know what makes Bristol so special? It’s more than […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Lyndon Johnson

“Good morning Sir — how was your weekend?” Wow, the last time we heard that it was our barber taking a little off the top. Lyndon is a very polite chap indeed. We’re very good, thank you Lyndon. “I’m not sure I come close to any of the alumni … I’m still building my success […]

“Now there’s a much easier path to ­citizenship: birth tourism”

Interesting article on the Toronto Life website today by Jan Wong about pregnant women travelling to Toronto to have their children on Canadian soil, thus granting them citizenship. Here’s some quotes from the article: “Now there’s a much easier path to ­citizenship: birth tourism. Foreign companies are helping pregnant women take advantage of our breathtakingly […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Sarah Doucette

Cast your mind back. It’s April 29, 2011. 4:00 a.m. Not a soul is stirring across the City of Toronto. Not unless you’re one of Ward 13 City Councillor Sarah Doucette’s constituents, who were invited to a live Royal Wedding party she hosted to celebrate the marriage of the future King William and Kate Middleton. […]