Successful Brits in Toronto: James Sharman

Well, it’s been over a YEAR since we featured our last Successful Brit in Toronto but today we’re back with a bang. It’s James Sharman, owner of Sharman’s Proper Pies, host at DAZN and Footy Prime the Podcast. What made you decide to choose Toronto as a city of choice? Did you plan a permanent […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Amanda Briggs

It’s been a while since we did a Successful Brits in Toronto because a little thing called a pandemic kind of threw a spanner in the works. Hope everyone is staying healthy and well. But we’re back with a bang and a well-known face in the British expat community in Toronto: Amanda Briggs. She runs […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Jake Wyatt

If you attended the recent Brits in Toronto and TFC British Heritage Night, you would have spotted a very tall bloke strolling around, looking down and surveying all in his BMO Field kingdom. That would have been Jake Wyatt who came up with the idea in the first place, roped in all the local Brits […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Andrew Mcloughlin

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle but unless you own Casa Loma that’s not entirely true. So today’s Successful Brit in Toronto — Andrew Mcloughlin — is here to set the record straight as a real estate professional. “Our house, it has a crowd,” explains Andrew. “There’s always something happening and it’s usually […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Miranda Anthistle

Brits in Toronto got an anonymous news tip the other day (thanks Brian, see you at Scallywags next Saturday?) and not being ones to burn our sources, decided to follow up on the scoop. Five minutes of hard Googling later we discovered Miranda Anthistle, a Successful Brit in Toronto, who is a reporter at CTV […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: James Deeley

“I’m the funny Brit on @DownToFlux.” We spotted that statement from James Deeley and immediately “funny” and “Brit” ticked a lot of boxes for us, but “flux” not so much as we have no idea what that means and probably only appeals to people who dress up as Spock and stand in line for three […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Katya Garipova

Pete Beale from EastEnders was the loveable market trader that constantly tried to flog spuds to punters as they wandered around Albert Square. Who can forget his cheeky Cockney banter and shout of, “Awight tweacle?!” to Sharon, or Kath. We can’t recall who, but he was a sales legend. Katya Garipova also tries to flog […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Roanna Cochrane

Just like we predicted, it’s been drier than a hedgehog’s chuffer on the Successful Brits in Toronto front — and then similar to Toronto’s TTC buses, three come along at once. But we’re not complaining. Just glad to be in this great city of Toronto. And actress Roanna Cochrane is too. You remember that scene […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Emma Jones

Just like McDonald’s milkshakes, the Successful Brits in Toronto are now coming thick and fast. And thanks to Kathy Smart who sent out some intro e-mails to her friends — because we’re now a charity case who can’t find our own — today we have Emma Jones stepping up to the plate. Emma is originally […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Ryan Wheeler

We put the call out for more Successful Brits in Toronto, and what do you know? Ryan Wheeler stepped up. It took a few days to hear from him … but then the reason became clear with his reply: “Sorry guys, been off sick with some dreaded cold!” So, after sending our thoughts and prayers […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Lucy Waverman

Brits in Toronto recently went to an event welcoming Scottish-produced haggis to Toronto, and — as to be expected — the place was packed with food experts, sampling and chatting about the tasty treats on offer. We bumped into Lucy Waverman, Food Columnist for the Globe and Mail and Food Editor, Food & Drink Magazine […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Adam Burwell

“Sorry this took so long … my newborn decided I wasn’t allowed time to myself.” Excuses, excuses Adam! We had to wait, like, literally a WEEK for you to respond. But it was worth it. We learn about why he’s here … where other Brits hang out … and his favourite pies. All good stuff. […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Alison Copeland

Great with a pen and quick to spot an opportunity, Alison Copeland is a Communications Specialist with more than 10 years of experience supporting the PR, marketing and business writing needs of professional service firms. When she’s not blurring the boundaries between marketing and PR for her business Copeland Creative, she’s creating clever ways to […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Josh Bill

Josh Bill is a special Successful Brit in Toronto on two counts: He has two first names and we’ve never had that before, and; He will have the honour of holding this coveted spot as the last interview of 2016. If he looks familiar it’s because we recently featured a job posting from his football […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Alysa Kim

A recent study discovered that there are more Successful Brits popping up in Toronto than condos being built, an average increase 27% year on year. That statistic is absolutely astounding, totally made up by us but a convenient segue for today’s profile: a realtor (North America) or estate agent (Rest of the World). Apart from discovering […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Alexander Nathan

The chap above may look a tad familiar. (No, he’s not the ruthless sleeper in Paris you call when Jason Bourne is in town.) Cast your minds all the way back, if you will, to October 13, 2016. We featured a profile of Under The Cosh, a football blog and podcast. Alexander Nathan is one-fourth of […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Jordan Thelen

“I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one.” Ahhh, you gotta love the late Brian Clough, one of the best football managers to grace the beautiful game. So Brits in Toronto was pleasantly surprised to learn that there’s a small but burgeoning Nottingham Forest fan […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Jaime Randle

As well as the “best pubs, curry, jobs and dental care,” we’re always on the lookout for Successful Brits in Toronto to highlight. It only took a Twitter chat of 14 words (count ’em) to snag Jaime Randle. That’s probably our record so far. [Brian, get Paul to insert a second paragraph here before publishing […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Ed and Sherille Layton

You asked for more Successful Brits in Toronto and we heard you. Why not do two at once to save precious bandwidth? In fact, even better, why not feature a successful husband and wife team! Ed Layton works at Twitter Canada and has been there for three years when there were only a few staff in […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Danny Dichio

Picture the scene. You’re a professional footballer. You take a chance and leave your home country and move to Toronto to play for the city’s new MLS team, Toronto FC. You score TFC’s first-ever goal (in front of home fans). You get TFC’s first-ever red card. Seat cushions have rained down on your head and […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Rory Petty

Like a well-aged wine, fine cigar, roasting a turkey or being stuck behind a Sunday driver on the way to the seaside, some things you just can’t rush. Such is the case with Rory Petty. We first contacted him on January 22 to be our next Successful Brit in Toronto. Today is February 22. That […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Ted Clark

Ted Clark was a little unsure as to whether he was “successful” enough to earn a coveted spot on Brits in Toronto. This man co-founded a brewery. With an ale called Across the Pond. Nuff said. “I actually started this business because I was still drinking my favourite English ales, like ESB, Lancaster Bomber, Abbot […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Katie Bridges

14 Things A British Person Notices When They Move To Toronto. Yes, one of the most popular posts we’ve linked to on Brits in Toronto. It was written by Katie Bridges, whose bio states that, “Katie is fuelled by tea, terrible puns and a healthy dose of sarcasm.” Katie has moved to Toronto and is […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Kate Blair

We know a few Blairs that are already very famous. There’s Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister; Linda Blair, green-puke-spewing devil’s abomination and hell spawn; Lionel Blair, excellent tap dancer and star of the riotous game show Give Us A Clue. Author Kate Blair could be the Next Big Thing In Famous Blairs. You heard it […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Stewart and Emma Langham

Emma Langham always wanted to do some travelling, so left Cambridge, UK in September 2014 and coaxed along Stewart too. Unfortunately they had to leave behind their two gerbils. The good news, though, is that they have a travelling companion … a brown bear called Boris. That leads us nicely into the fact that these […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Julian Richings

We love Death. Not the kind where you kick the bucket, pop your clogs, shuffle off this mortal coil, snuff it, croak or sleep with the fishes. No, silly! Brits in Toronto loves Death, the character in Supernatural, as played by the versatile Julian Richings. He’s also appeared in over 50 films and TV shows such […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Caitlin King

It’s been absolutely yonks since we featured a Successful Brit in Toronto, maybe because we’ve all been caught up in the excitement of the Pan Am Games or something. Let’s go! What made you decide to choose Toronto as a city of choice? Did you plan a permanent move, or wanted to “try it for […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Ahmed El-Etriby

We were trolling the Internet looking for some successful Brits to feature, no luck. Called in some favours from our spies strategically placed at pubs, curry houses and greasy spoons across Toronto. Zilch. But wait! Didn’t we just chat to a Brit a few days ago about his sports team? Why yes. Yes, we did. […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Patrick O’Donoghue

Successful Brits in Toronto are like the buses in the city: every-bloody-where! And you thought we were going to riff on this tweet, right? OK, enough with the throwaway banter. Tonight we feature Patrick O’Donoghue who originally hails from Bristol. The Bristol tourism website proudly states, “Want to know what makes Bristol so special? It’s more than […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Gail McInnes

Peruse this famous list and see if you can work out what they all have in common: Simple Minds. John Logie Baird. Kenny Dalglish. Sir Alex Ferguson. Billy Connolly. James McAvoy. Gordon Brown. Groundskeeper Willie. Yes, that’s correct — they all hail from Glasgow, Scotland. Now you can add Gail McInnes to that exclusive club, because […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Graham Connaughton

We keep telling potential advertisers that Brits in Toronto is “prime real estate” but now have the chance to meet an expert in that field. If you pick up the old dog and bone and have a chinwag with Graham Connaughton about prime real estate, he will definitely be ready to chat. He’s been in […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Mark Newell

Let’s all murmur, “Good day old chap!” to Mark Newell, the stylish gent pictured above.* Mark is the co-owner and operator of Toronto’s first bohemian tea house, board game room and hookah lounge called Bampot. Our eagle-eyed Google search engine alerted us to Bampot when we heard two words: Poutine Soup. “We have transformed this classic […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Callum Bramley

Callum is a perfect example of a Successful Brit in Toronto. He chose his country of residence based on what time they show the football, likes long bike rides around the city and also thinks it’s ridiculous you can’t buy your groceries and pop along to the next aisle to get your booze too. So, […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Samantha Russell

We have to say Samantha Russell was literally the fastest turnaround we’ve had so far on Successful Brits in Toronto. From Twitter ask, to following her, DM’ing an e-mail address, sending off the questions, having a cup of tea while we waited, to receiving the answers, to adding them here … literally took 24 hours. […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Stephanie Bitten

It’s Sunday and we have yet ANOTHER Successful Brit in Toronto willing to lay it on the line and let us know about their life this side of the pond. Today it is Stephanie Bitten, an actor, performer and playwright who you can read more about on her IMDB profile. Very impressive! Break a leg, Stephanie … […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Adam Straker

It’s a relatively balmy Sunday night in Toronto so we thought it’s time to feature another successful Brit in the city. Give a warm Brits in Toronto “ello mate” to Adam Straker who is a Relationship Manager at the Toronto Region Board of Trade. And so off we pop … What made you decide to choose […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: David Hampson

Look at that happy face above. Clutching a pack of McVitie’s Digestives like he’s won the lottery. Which, in fact, David has. Because he is today’s Successful Brit in Toronto. The exposure alone — across Toronto, Canada, the entire Internet and Scunthorpe — is pure gold. Anyway, before we start taking the biscuit, let’s ask […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Lyndon Johnson

“Good morning Sir — how was your weekend?” Wow, the last time we heard that it was our barber taking a little off the top. Lyndon is a very polite chap indeed. We’re very good, thank you Lyndon. “I’m not sure I come close to any of the alumni … I’m still building my success […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Quin Parker

Quin Parker is the Deputy National Digital Editor at Metro. His Twitter bio explains a few more nuggets of info: “Expat Toronto Brit in the Lagrangian point between journo and tech.” We asked the Brits in Toronto office intern to look up “Lagrangian” on Wikipedia: The Lagrangian, L, of a dynamical system is a mathematical function that […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Marilla Wex

Marilla Wex is an award-winning British actress, voice-artist and comedian who’s lived in Toronto for 11 years. Her one-woman show “Lost and Found” won Best of Fringe this summer at the Toronto Fringe Festival. She is currently the Reader on the TV show “Reign” (she runs lines with the actors and speaks English at them. […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Hannah Perrin-Haynes

Ahhh, Scotland. Rugged windswept scenery, beautiful castles, bagpipes, fish and chip suppers, haggis, Billy Connolly, deep-fried Mars Bars. What’s not to love? Hannah Perrin-Haynes certainly agrees. As the Scottish Government’s Diplomatic representative in Toronto, she works as part of Team Scotland which includes Scottish Development International (which has a remit for trade and investment) and Visit […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Ian MacDonald

“Shameless self-promotion” was actually uttered by a Brit. Yes, the heavens roiled, old men playing at the pool table in a pub on the moors stopped their game and looked up, and things were never the same again. But, then again, Ian MacDonald has the talent to create work like this so we’ll let him […]