Best curry buffet in Toronto, in my humble opinion. And I’ve done some very enjoyable research. Central Toronto at 214 King Street West. Wear loose-fitting trousers.

McNie’s Fish & Chips
Yes, chips = big fat Brit-style ones, not fries. Crispy batter. Scottish. Mushy peas, haggis and black pudding washed down with Irn-Bru. Trust me, it’s worth the drive to 315 Burnhamthorpe Road. Don’t let the 1997 website put you off.

The Pie Commission
Their “Bloody Good Pies” were a hidden secret for a while, tucked away in the burbs of Etobicoke. Now they’re downtown.

Need an old-school greasy spoon? Mars at 432 College Street has been around since 1951. It’s a narrow diner, no frills kind of place, but does what it says on the tin. Meet your mates here the morning after the night before for a strong cuppa and a nice fry-up.

The Oxley
Lovely classic British cuisine — yes, there IS such a thing — taken up a notch. Located at posh 121 Yorkville Avenue, enjoy such items as the best end of lamb and rabbit and potato pie.

The Queen and Beaver
Sister pub to The Oxley, this establishment offers such tongue-twisters as sweet cured hogget and the classic Full English and sticky toffee pudding. Chow down and reminisce about your former country gardern. Ahhhh. You can find it at 35 Elm Street.

Aunties & Uncles
Voted the BEST brekky in Toronto, situated at 74 Lippincott Street and open seven days a week. No reservations, so wake up, shake that hangover off and stumble down for a good old fry-up.

The Bristol and Bombay
The Bristol opened in Summer of 2014 and is located in The Great Hall in Toronto’s West Queen West neighbourhood. Chef Davy Love and Nav Sangha have teamed up to serve authentic interpretations of classic British and Indian pub cuisine and curries, alongside a proper selection of imported British lagers, ales, ciders, cocktails and punches.

Lahore Tikka House
Another superb place to grab a Ruby Murray. This is modern Pakistani and North Indian cuisine = spice factor high. Bring a handkerchief to mop your brow and blow your nose as you enjoy such delights as brain masala. Located in Little India at 1365 Gerrard Street East.

A Bit of Home
Grab your passport, jump in the motor and drive about 30 minutes into the badlands of Mississauga at 925 Rathburn Road East. Here you’ll find — in my opinion — the best purveyor of British goods, football paraphernalia and other things you REALLY miss from home. *sniff* Got some dust in my eye all of a sudden.

British Corner Shop
Another place to order (online) some Branston pickle, a Curly Wurly or whatever takes your fancy. And, very kindly, thank you sir, they have offered Brits in Toronto fans 10% off their order — just quote code BRITSINTORONTO2013 when you buy stuff.

Bombay Bhel
Scattered around you’ll find Bombay Bhel, a nice stand-by curry house if you happen to be in the area. Nice food, very reasonable prices and a good rendition of chicken karahi. Ask for it medium spiced as they’re heavy on the heat. Usually have to wait around 10-20 minutes for a table when busy, but the portions are a good size, so take a selfie and kill time or something — it’s worth the wait.

The Borough
This is an English-style gastropub, which specializes in local sustainable food, beer and wine. Sausage rolls, mini Yorkshire puddings and Scotch eggs. Can’t go wrong.

Janie Jones
A “Caff and Cocktail,” “Booze and Brunch” place in the East End of Toronto.

The Feisty Jack
Mobile and catering with a menu style that has a variety of influences from Classical British to Indian.


2 thoughts on “Grub

  1. Annette Lloyd Thomas

    Here in the west end of Toronto, we stock up on Hayward’s pickled onions, Paxo sage and onion stuffing, large jars of Marmite etc from “Flowers and More” at 379 Jane Street (between Bloor & Dundas). They’ve got a great selection of treats, gifts and all things Corrie.

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