Successful Brits in Toronto: Andrew Davies

“Sure, why the hell not.” With those enthusiastic, committed and determined words, we managed to line up yet another Successful Brit in Toronto. There are so many — the city is truly spoilt by the sheer number of talented Brits willing to give up their cushy lives over the pond, and come here to make […]

Looking for more Successful Brits in Toronto

We love to highlight successful Brits coming to Toronto and doing well for themselves. Good for them … and good for the city. It’s also one of our most popular features, so we’re looking for more Brits to feature. You’re in good company. Here’s who we have featured so far. Brits one and all. Eric […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Robin Brown

Brits are a modest lot. Even though we’re the funniest, make the best tea and once owned the world, we’re still very modest. Robin Brown is modest. His tweet accepting our invitation to be the next featured Successful Brit in Toronto attests to that. He moved to Toronto in 2003 and is now Environics’ Senior […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Jessica Napier

New York City has Carrie Bradshaw. But she’s made up; a fictional character forever doing lunch with her gal pals, drinking Cosmos and getting soaked by passing buses as they splash through puddles. Toronto has Jessica Napier. She’s the real deal. Grabbing Subways to go, sipping Double Doubles and being sensible by taking the TTC […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Sarah Doucette

Cast your mind back. It’s April 29, 2011. 4:00 a.m. Not a soul is stirring across the City of Toronto. Not unless you’re one of Ward 13 City Councillor Sarah Doucette’s constituents, who were invited to a live Royal Wedding party she hosted to celebrate the marriage of the future King William and Kate Middleton. […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: David Miller

The Brits in Toronto crew are very honoured to have a former Mayor of Toronto agree to be our latest Successful Brit in Toronto: David Miller. Now the President and CEO of WWF-Canada, all it took was a single, firm, modest “sure” via Twitter and the deal was done. So here we go … What […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Paulo Antunes

We’re a little bit confused about Paulo Antunes. A little perturbed. His Twitter profile shows a proud photo of Winston Churchill; he’s a Londoner living in Toronto; Lisbon is randomly thrown in there; and he appears to support Arsenal. Yes — most perplexed. Anyway, on with the show: What made you decide to choose Toronto […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Andy Byford

“Mind the gap! Mind the gap! Mind the –” Andy Byford’s ringtone cuts off as he takes the call from Brits in Toronto. “Hold on,” he yells, “I’m just going into a tunnel …” That scenario above might — OK, probably not — have happened recently. But now, thanks to one of the new initiatives […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Michael Cooke

As a former journalist, I have been in the trenches and seen the hard work that goes into getting the story, and hopefully the scoop. You do it for the love of the job and not the pay — that’s for sure. Now I work in communications at the Brits in Toronto HQ. So we’re […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Karin and Kieran Ronde

Brits in Toronto feels a warm affinity to Karin and Kieran Ronde because of their blog — K&K Adventures — that they started in January 2012 “as a way to introduce locals and travellers abroad to Canada and the expat lifestyle they’ve come to love!” So, in effect we’re copying their idea. Fiddlesticks! But curious […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Catherine Mayled

It’s not every day you cross paths with a compassionate intuitive, so Brits in Toronto is honoured to have Catherine Mayled as our newest Successful Brit in Toronto. Catherine also does psychic readings and past life regressions, so when you next use that phrase “in another life” she knows what you’re talking about. So how […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Dave Fleet

Picture the scene: you’re a successful Brit in Toronto, working away in your PR agency on a Friday afternoon, looking forward to the weekend. Suddenly a Canadian colleague utters those immortal words: “It’s Random Office Dance Party Friday everyone. Yay!” Brits everywhere hear “dance” and start to sweat, looking for a hasty exit. But no […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Fiona Knight

Today’s brave victim to be profiled as a Successful Brit in Toronto is Fiona Knight, Owner/Consultant at Fiona Knight Consulting Services in Toronto. She gave a very non-committal and unsure “ummm” when I asked her on Twitter, but now I have the info there’s no turning back. What made you decide to choose Toronto as […]

Successful Brits in Toronto: Ed Lee

Ed Lee is a brave chap. I contacted him out of the blue and asked if I could profile him as a successful Brit making it in Toronto. Even though Ed doesn’t know me from Adam, and could have been royally stitched up, he quickly agreed. Thank you sir — and you have the honour […]

Brits In Toronto have partnered with Toronto FC to offer discounted tickets to the British community

In part 1 of exciting football news regarding Toronto FC and Brits in Toronto, the two hugely successful organizations have partnered up as BFFs to offer some decent ticket discounts to the British community. If you’ve never seen a live TFC game before or are a Brit visiting Toronto on a scouting trip as a […]

Things the UK government should be ashamed of: Parts I-III

Nigel Nelson is a regular contributor to Brits in Toronto, and is a member of the non-profit Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners (CABP), and Past Chair of the (also) non-profit International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP). Here’s his latest thoughts on the “frozen pensions” policy. All views are the CABP’s and Brits in Toronto does […]

Do you want to work for the British Consul-General in Toronto?

You know when you walk into a greasy spoon and the conversation goes something like this: “Alright boss! What you ‘aving today?” “Hey boss! My usual fry-up plus an extra fried slice please boss!” “Nice one boss! How’s the missus?” “She’s alright thanks boss! Can’t complain.” Well, if you get this job, you’ll be able […]

Behind the scenes of … the British-Consulate General in Toronto

This is the third in our occasional “Behind the scenes of …” series that pulls back your gran’s curtains to take a peek behind everything British in Toronto. So far, we’ve gone behind the scenes of a fish and chip shop and a football blog and podcast. Today we’re upping the game and going behind […]

Totally biased product review by me — The Queen and Beaver Public House

I recently had the opportunity to dine at The Queen and Beaver Public House. It’s been on my to-do list for ages, but I happened to be staying in the vicinity so took advantage of an unseasonably balmy night to grab a patio seat and went to town. First up as my starter was the […]

Hello, I’m British Bloke

Hello everyone, my name is John, AKA “British Bloke” and I created Brits in Toronto almost four years ago. How time flies and what a brilliant experience it’s been. I started this website with the aim of helping Brits discover Toronto, find out the best places to buy the products they missed from home, interview […]

Toronto Irish FC are looking for goalkeepers

We featured Ahmed El-Etriby as a Successful Brit in Toronto back in March 2015 and he reached out to us to see if anyone out there is interested in playing as a goalkeeper for Toronto Irish FC. The team consists of players from all corners of Ireland, and from countries as far afield as Mexico, Australia, […]

Behind the scenes of … a football blog and podcast

Back in March 2015 we started a series of articles themed, “Behind the scenes of …” with the aim of finding out what goes into particularly British things. We profiled a fish and chip shop and then never did another one for some reason. Until today! We found these lads and really liked the cut […]

Transporting a personal vehicle from Britain and the USA to Ontario

You say cheerio to your mum, jump on a plane and start a new life in Toronto. A few months later you think, “Hmmm, really wish I could bring my beloved Datsun Cherry over to cruise around Toronto in. I wonder if there’s a way …?” Over to guest writer Jason Mueller, a Canadian expat currently […]

It’s that time of year again. Don’t forget, Brits, you have to file taxes in Canada. How about $20 off? And a wormhole?

Let’s face it — this is not a fun, well-crafted, witty and spellchecked post reviewing some nice British-themed food, or a heartwarming story about a Successful Brit in Toronto. It’s about TAX! There, we said it. But you have to face it. So we made it a little easier and partnered up with for the […]

Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson heading to Toronto

You know it’s lunchtime in the Brits in Toronto office when Kev the intern gets out some bread, slaps on a few wedges of cheddar, dash of Worcestershire sauce, sticks it under the grill for a minute and — boom! — delish cheese on toast. We’ve never been invited to lunch with Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson […]

Let’s all say hello to the British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Time to meet an organization and get to know them a little better (or a “liddle bedder” as we’ve heard from some Brits’ accents that have subtly twanged after a while here.) Today it’s the British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce (BCCTC). “But what’s in it for us, mate?” you selfishly cry. Quite a bit […]

Don’t forget, Brits, you have to file taxes in Canada. How about $20 off? And a wormhole?

Let’s face it — this is not a fun, well-crafted, witty and spellchecked post reviewing some nice British-themed food, or a heartwarming story about a Successful Brit in Toronto. It’s about TAX! There, we said it. But you have to face it. So we made it a little easier and partnered up with to […]

Let’s all help fellow Brit Adam find a job!

We’ve had the pleasure of featuring a lot of Successful Brits in Toronto on the site recently, and also enjoy helping the next generation cross the pond to join that illustrious group. Today we’re happy to “big up” Adam who is looking for a move into recruitment or facilities management. Adam considers himself to have, “excellent organisation, […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Brits in Toronto!

Wow, what a year it’s been for us here at Brits in Toronto. Started a new blog, had a lot of fun along the way and hopefully offered a ton of useful information to help Brits who currently call the city their home, or are considering moving here. This is our chance to take a […]

Say hello to Nick Noorani, founder of Canadian Immigrant magazine

This is our new feature where we say hello to someone who — although they may not be a Brit — has made an important contribution to the life of Brits in Toronto somehow. Hello Nick Noorani! You’re probably most well-known for starting Canadian Immigrant magazine. What made you realize there was an outlet for […]

Quiz: Can you pass this Canadian citizenship test?

“Can you name Canada’s first head of responsible government or the first European to explore the St. Lawrence River? “If not, then you may know less about Canada than most of its new citizens. “About 140 students from across the country were put to the Citizenship Challenge on Wednesday when they played a bingo-style game […]

Common People: British Film by Canadians coming to Toronto

This e-mail we received speaks for itself. (Bolding and caps are ours.) Dear British Bloke in T.O., LOVE YOUR WEBSITE. Read every Successful Brit in Toronto interview thinking I should write to them all, but then figured it might be easier to write to you, and hope you might be able to disseminate this info […]

Two good news stories about immigrants to Canada

During my 11 o’clock tea and choccy biccy break this morning I spotted two very interesting articles about skilled immigrants as it relates to Toronto and Ontario, courtesy of the brilliant Yonge Street website/e-newsletter. Here they are: TRIEC celebrates skilled immigrant mentors Immigration isn’t just a matter of navigating clearly defined legal and employment constraints: getting […]

Mayday! Mayday! Curb idiotic radio presenters. Stop people from Ann Arbor, Michigan immigrating. Or it’s the end of the Canada we know!

Until this morning, I thought Lowell Green was the name of a nice little British town in the middle of the countryside where residents washed their cars on Sunday, enjoyed a lunchtime pint and always said “Good morning, Bert, how’s the wife?” to the milkman. How wrong I was. Thanks to the Globe and Mail’s […]

Yes, great … but do you have CANADIAN EXPERIENCE?

That million-dollar question every Brit will face at their first job interview in Canada. “I like your track record, Mr. Smith. After quitting a highly successful law career, deciding that after 10 years the brain surgery field wasn’t for you and heading up the multi-national conglomerate and steering it into a $10 billion IPO, your […]