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Totally biased product review by me — Great British Reserve Cheddar

Great British Reserve Cheddar

This cheese package can withstand the heat of a thousand suns

Sometimes Loblaws delights us as it did the other day when we mooched around our local branch. We went in specifically looking for some good, strong cheddar and this is what we found: Great British Reserve Cheddar.

Vacuum-sealed in the same material that NASA uses in its space missions, the packaging certainly caught our eye. As the bright lights from the deli counter glinted off its well-defined, sharp corners, we knew that was the day’s cheese of choice.

It had some heft too. Heavy. A good size. Not bad for around $7.99 if we recall, but don’t hold us to that. The PC Plus points always come in useful.

When we opened the packet the cheese had that kind of sweaty sheen on it, which sounds disgusting, we know. But all the good mature cheeses we’ve tried had it too so weren’t too worried. Always willing to take one for the team to try new things.

Broke off a long chunk and did our patented Brits In Toronto Hold Cheese To See If It Crumbles Test. It did. A bit fell off. That doesn’t happen on those other bloody awful rubbery cheeses.

The taste test. Tart, rough on the tongue, a stronger flavour than the “aged 14 months” would suggest. We really liked it.

This cheese would suit being used in a Welsh rarebit, a ham and cheese sandwich picnic for a day at the dogs or, quite simply, sitting atop a Ploughman’s lunch nestled alongside a pork pie and a dollop of Branston.

We give this yummy mature cheddar a Brits in Toronto 4/5 stars.