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Totally biased product review by me — President’s Choice Blue Menu Spicy Chicken Vindaloo

Beware! Sprig of parsley not included. Repeat, sprig of parsley NOT included

Beware! Sprig of parsley not included. Repeat, sprig of parsley NOT included

So, when you’re sitting in your grey work cubicle trying to think outside the box and haven’t really got time to head for a lunchtime Ruby Murray with the three co-workers you like and the one you don’t that hangs on, then you need options for that spicy craving.

Enter the President’s Choice Blue Menu Spicy Chicken Vindaloo. It’s available for a few bucks from Loblaws supermarket in the frozen food section.

I had one today actually, so thought I’d give it a totally biased review, seeing as it’s my opinion really.

Excitedly unwrapping the box, I was slightly disappointed to find no healthy green sprig of parsley was included as depicted on the box. On the plus side, it only takes four minutes to heat up in the microwave, then another two as you take it out whilst avoiding the scalding steam escaping from the slit, and heating it again. Let stand one minute (really drags when you’re starving) and you’re ready to dive in.

Pretty impressed! The basmati rice is fluffy and moist, not dry at all. The spice levels are adequate to make me reach for my handkerchief for a nose blow and brow mop combo, before diving back into the sauce.

One small critique is that there could be more chicken pieces. But what it does have is moist and tender, so no complaints there.

In summary, a nice lunch if you’re stuck in the office that’ll leave your mouth tingling in the following meeting with Suzy from accounts.

I give it a Brits in Toronto 4/5 stars.