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Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and fun 2020!

Happy New Year 2020

Wishing everyone a happy new year for 2020

I’ve been admittedly a bit absent from the blog for a while, for no particular reason. Just life, really. But thought it a good time to check back in as the last few days of the decade trickle by.

It’s that weird period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve where time melds together … a bit like Jeff Goldblum and the fly but without the huge bulbous eyes and acid vomit.

Seemed a bit narrow to wish just Brits in Toronto a great new year, so also hoping that Brits in London, Tottenham, Battersea, Cambridge, Leeds and a ton more also have a brilliant 2020!

Brits in Toronto has been going for over six years now (first post) and I’m thankful for all the support and suggestions along the way. Seems like only yesterday it was voted “Best New Website 2013” by my mum.

A huge highlight this year was the first Brits in Toronto/Toronto FC event we organized on a warm summer evening that brought out the crowds to watch some football and mingle. I personally met some people there for the first time that I’ve got to know via the blog, so hoping we can plan another one in 2020.

Also hoping to get some Brits together at a pub in Toronto around the end of January for a (formerly postponed) laugh or cry — depending on your political leanings — over Brexit and a pint or two. Seems like it’s finally happening now so let’s just get on with it. CBC News will probably come too and film some reactions.

One of my favourite parts of the blog is Successful Brits in Toronto. Constantly proud and inspired to see how people have left family and friends behind in the UK and made a good life in this city. Definitely want to feature more of those in 2020 so please send them my way.

I sense more Brits will be looking to move to Toronto next year and start the all-important job search. It’s definitely not easy. But there’s a place on the blog for those who are interested to send some info about themselves, what they are looking for and a link back to an e-mail or LinkedIn profile to give them a little head start.

Always interested in hearing about new places opening … food … drink … events that may be of interest to Brits so please send those along too for a totally biased product review by me. Sometimes there’s free stuff to be won, which is a bonus.

So, expect more posting frequency next year and the chance to connect, whether online or ideally, in person. It’s fun.

And that’s a wrap for the decade. Wishing everyone a fantastic new year and see you in 2020!


Take the best of 2016 and look forward to 2017


Already out of date

This was going to be a post lamenting how bad 2016 was and how we can’t wait to see the back of it. And in many ways it was.

Too many notable people dying, lots of very talented Brits included. But also good people that we may have personally known. Here at Brits in Toronto we lost some close family this year.

A disaster of a US election filled with scandal, hate, bigotry and issues that will be remembered for a long time.

Wars and terrorist attacks. Natural disasters. Plane crashes.

And don’t even get us started on Brexit.

What a year 2016 was.

But, then we thought about the good things too. Not the good things that you read in the media — because, let’s face it, it’s scant — but the good things that happen in everyday life.

Maybe you got a new job? Got married? Bought a home? Made some great memories with family and friends? Went on a nice trip? Feel healthy and in good shape?

We’re so often inundated with the bad news that we overlook the good stuff and that’s what we should take from 2016. Let’s all hope that 2017 will bring more happiness, good fortune and joy into the world.

And if we don’t check in before Saturday night, wishing you all a happy and healthy new year.