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Show off your patriotic British roots with this blanket from i am baby

I Am Baby

i am baby

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Have you relocated from the United Kingdom, and have just had a baby over here in Canada? How do you plan on making sure your kid knows all about their background from a young age? Sharing your child’s heritage is a must, so introduce them to the British ways from young age by bringing the iconic Union Jack into their bedroom in a tasteful way.

If you’re a Brit living in Canada, the company i am baby has the perfect item to make sure your little one is brought up feeling patriotic of their British roots, whilst championing beautiful home-grown products from the new country you have settled in.

Long-gone are the memories of stereotypical British memorabilia from cheap shops which line the streets in London. You don’t need to fill your baby’s room with plastic red buses, pictures of the Queen, or start feeding them fish and chips from an early age to make them appreciate the British culture. I am baby has created and designed a muslin blanket right here in Canada, with subtle but smart union jacks on it for you to show off where you’re from.

Finally, something covered in union jacks which isn’t Ginger Spice at the Brit Awards and isn’t tacky items which fall apart.

I am baby believes that patriotism to your country and its traditional customs, wherever you hail from, is something which is important and should be taught early. So, if you’re a Brit in Canada you must tell your kid all about the country of his or her ancestors. We know that Canada is an awesome country, but England is pretty good too, with its royal family, terrible weather, cups of tea, and typical British politeness.

What’s the best way to bring some of those British vibes into your child’s bedroom? This 100% organic cotton fabric muslin swaddle blanket. Covered in the Union Jack, you can proudly show off where you began whilst familiarising your child with the country you came from, all whilst keeping your kid cosy and comfortable at the same time.

I Am Baby blanket

One of the beauties of Canada is how many people from across the globe come and settle in our fabulous country, so the muslin blankets from i am baby come with all different flags on to suit our lovely locals. No matter what country you hail from, there’s a blanket for you and your family.

The muslin blankets are super chic and funky, so your British baby in Canada can have the best of both worlds when it comes to looking stylish. Of course, keeping your baby comfortable is the most important thing, so it’s good to note that these blankets aren’t just chucked together with any old material. The blankets are made from certified 100% organic cotton fabric, making them so lush that you will probably want one for yourself no matter how old you are.

I am baby sampled loads of different textures and densities of muslin from all over the world before settling on the best and most luxurious fabric, and have put a lot of effort into making the blankets the best they can be.

The cotton muslin blanket comes in a custom size to fit your baby perfectly, and there are plenty of ways in which you can use it. Use your blanket as a swaddle, a breast-feeding shield, a stroller cover, or a comfort blanket for your little one. The best thing about this blanket, is that those flags won’t wash off when it gets covered in dribble and must be put into the washing machine regularly as a result.

I Am Baby package

Embrace the customs and cultures from your motherland! A muslin blanket is a must for any baby as we all know how important comfort is when they’re tiny.

Get your i am baby muslin blanket for your little Brit here and show off that UK pride in the Union Jack print for all to see. Head over to social media to join in with the chat as well, where you can tell i am baby where you’re from and what your story to Canada is.

There are also hashtags you can be involved with for showing off your British roots in the muslin blanket. Use #iambaby and #borntobeloyal to meet other Brits in Canada who have wrapped their baby in this beautiful product, and follow and like on social media by clicking on the links below.

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Are you from the UK and now living in Canada? Do you have kids? What do you do to teach them about their British heritage? Let us know your thoughts on how important it is to give your child the knowledge of their heritage in the comments below!