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Handy name anagrams for Toronto’s next mayor

Olivia Chow threw her name in the hat today to be Toronto's next mayor

Aw civil, ooh threw her name in the hat today to be Toronto’s next mayor

The REAL campaign to become Toronto’s next mayor kicked off today when — as widely predicted — Olivia Chow officially announced she’s running for the job.

Brits in Toronto has no political allegiance or bias. We may “crack” the odd joke here and there, but in all honesty, just want to live in a great city like Toronto that is being run well, not costing us a fortune and has some respect.

Not too much to ask, eh?

There are 37 candidates so far, but here’s a quick list of the top prospects (in alphabetical order), links to their policies, agendas and websites and handy anagrams of their names you can break the ice at parties with.

Morgan Baskin = Barking moans

Jeff Billard = Bad jell! Riff?

Olivia Chow = Aw civil, ooh!

Rob Ford = Total clown

David Soknacki = Vodka and sick, I

Karen Stintz = Arts? Zen? Knit!

John Tory = Horny jot

Good luck to all the candidates and may you keep the promises you make during this campaign!