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Totally biased product review by me — Just Soup Bombay Tomato

Hey, it’s Chef Dev!

This review is a little different as it’s curry-related, not an actual dish, but we spotted Just Soup Bombay Tomato and thought we’d give it a go. This is produced by Chef Dev who is based in Toronto.

Some of the ingredients include garam masala, turmeric and chilis. We bought the larger size bottle and it was a good filling portion for lunch. A perfect soup for a cold Canadian winter’s day.

The consistency was nice and thick with a good heat level. Maybe it’s the kind of product you could make at home yourself, with a can of tinned tomatoes, the right combination of spices and a good blender. But we liked the taste of this so will just buy some more.

One dish that we thought this soup would actually make a really good base for is shakshuka as it’s already spicy and you’d just need to add some eggs.

So, all in all a nice tasty soup with some zing and we give it a Brits in Toronto 3/5 stars.