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Totally biased product review by me — Curry Twist

Curry Twist

If you like your curry delivered in a little bucket, then you’re in luck!

I really, REALLY wanted to like Curry Twist.

The website looks appealing … the reviews are glowing … even bloody Susur Lee has eaten there it seems! And it’s a rare totally biased product review by me where I’ve gone, not liked it — and gone back to give it a second chance.

That second chance was last night. And, to be finally honest with myself, I just don’t like it. That happens sometimes.

I went for the Lamb Twist Masala = “Tender, boneless spring lamb rubbed with garlic and spices before being simmered in a spicy tomato-based sauce seasoned with fresh herbs.” How can that not be delish?

It came in a little bucket that — first world problem — made it hard to pour on the peas pilau rice. The curry itself wasn’t spicy enough and, to be fair, I did ask for “medium spice” so that was probably my fault. I’d recommend going hotter or vindaloo level.

The lamb was a little chewy for me. I tend to eat most meat medium rare though so, again, not my preference. (You can tell I’m trying to give Curry Twist the benefit of the doubt here.)

I also ordered a spicy mixed pickle as a side but the pot was really small compared to other curry houses I’ve been to. Bit disappointing.

So, all in all, I’m giving Curry Twist a Brits in Toronto 2/5 stars.

Addition: Probably not their fault and I am in the minority according to other reviews. I think the problem is that I REALLY miss the bright red neon-glow British curries back home. The ones here are probably more authentic and properly made … but they’re not to my liking as much as the Brit ones. That’s why this slot is always called totally biased product review by me — because it’s only my opinion.

So, my search for a “real” British curry soldiers on.

And, no word of a lie, after living in Toronto since 2000 I’ve NEVER been to try the curries in Little India. I intend to remedy that in 2018, so if you have any favourite places to recommend for a British-style curry, post them below or send a tweet. Cheers.


We need a Little Britain in Toronto! Or do we?

Relax, not all Brits look like this! Only about 98% of 'em

Relax, not all Brits look like this! Only about 98% of us

As Gerard brought me my morning gin and tonic and I sat on the patio, watching the hounds chase the housekeeper, I mused to myself: Why is there no Little Britain in Toronto?

I’m not ruminating on this Little Britain, or even a Wee England — I mean an area in Toronto full of British pubs, good steak and kidney pie and the chance to have a good old chinwag with other Brits?

There’s a Little India … a Little Italy … a Little Portugal … and China even has its own bloody town! The Greeks too! Why not the Brits? I rubbed my chin thoughtfully, cleaned off my monocle slightly and gazed into the distance. Research had to be done.

I walked two feet to my computer, went to Google and found this, courtesy of Library and Archives Canada:

“In the 1500s explorers from Europe came to North America to claim lands. They realized that this land was rich in resources. Soon settlement began, with people seeking a new life in the new world. The two European countries that figured the most in North America were Britain and France. They met Aboriginal Nations that had been living for thousands of years in what is now Canada. These First Nations and Britain and France often had difficult relations. They often went to war with each other but sometimes they were friends.”

Nice to know that “sometimes they were friends,” but sounds like the implication is we took it over and pissed them off. The Brit integration had begun.

So, in effect, there really isn’t a need for a Little Britain … we’re all over the place. Kind of like The Borg, but being assimilated into certain aspects of British culture and history instead of a massive black robotic cube thing floating through space.

You can see the Brits pop up when the World Cup/Euro is on, as they gather in their favourite Toronto watering holes to watch their national teams fail on penalties. Or when a royal wedding takes place. Ahhh, good times. (*sniff* Welling up a bit here.)

We don’t need to claim part of Toronto as “British” — there’s a load of us scattered throughout the whole city. Just seems a bit fragmented at times, but what can ya do?