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Totally biased product review by me — Pusateri’s English Blue Stilton


Nothing says English like some Blue Stilton

We were feeling a tad peckish in the Brits in Toronto Yorkville office the other day, so sent out Dave our new intern on a food run. He didn’t disappoint.

Nestled in between the Monster Munch and pork pies we spied a hefty chunk of cheese … namely English Blue Stilton from Pusateri’s Fine Foods. (Our faces lit up with joy similar to Dave’s when he found out it was an unpaid internship, but he’d really really benefit from the role, exposure to media contacts, the intricacies of a fax machine and the glowing references we’d give him after his four-month, 35-hour-a-week free learning experience.)

So, how was the cheese?

OMG. Can we say that or do we need to text it? This cheese is brilliant.

Imagine it’s Christmas dinner. Your nan wakes up and asks, “Who cut the cheese, luv?”

No one, nan. No one. This cheese simply crumbles into bite-size pieces. It’s the kind of cheese that sticks to your fingers as you eat it. Or you can simply put it on a Ritz cracker, add a little Branston Pickle atop the pile and eat it that way.

It has a really nice creamy texture, with a bite of tanginess. This is the kind of cheese we keep in the fridge and nibble on each night. Throw some in your soup and watch it melt, then drip off your spoon as you lift it up eagerly, not rushing the moment but making it last.

It’s very good! We give this cheese a Brits in Toronto 5/5 stars.