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Happy St. George’s Day!


A 15-foot high statue of St. George unveiled in London

Happy St. George’s Day to those who celebrate it! St. George’s Day is the feast day of St. George and the National Day for England. We found that here.

We also found this, egads! St George’s Day: 5 very English things that are not actually English. (But we do agree with David Cameron.)

And here’s the St. George’s Society of Toronto for future ref.

What a day!

St. George’s Day events in the Toronto area

"Take that, dragon!"

“Take that, dragon!”

It’s St. George’s Day on Wednesday, April 23 and the English everywhere will be raising a pint to the homeland. It’s not widely celebrated like St. Paddy’s Day is in Toronto, so here’s a few events we tracked down if you want to go out and do something.

St. George’s Day Pub Night

Organized by the St. George’s Society of Toronto, this event features fish and chips, curried chicken and raffle prizes.

Curries and Casks for Charity

Great-sounding event organized by fans of real ale. And it’s all for charity! Tickets.

St. George’s Day Party

This event is organized by The Franklin House about 30 minutes away in Streetsville. Goes on all day.

So, there you go. If you know of any more related events please add them to the comments section, e-mail or tweet us.