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Be transported to London, England … in 2004 … but in Toronto … with Shaun Of The Dead

Shaun Of The Dead

Don’t forget to bring your cricket bat

Remember that excellent classic Shaun Of The Dead? Had the ginge from the Star Trek reboot and Mission Impossible in it. Bloody good it was too!

Well, British comedy zombie fans … now you can relive that fun time of having your face bitten off — in Toronto!

Be transported to London, England, to experience the 2004 zombie epidemic documented in the film Shaun Of The Dead: The Movie Experience. Join the actors from October 25-28, when The Monarch Tavern will transform into The Winchester Pub.

From lights to sounds to scripts to props, all guests will participate in a re-creation of cinematic delights while professional actors will bring scenes from the iconic film to life.

Dress Code: 2004 British pub wear and/or zombie attire.

So, if this sounds like DEAD fun to you, or something you’d like to GET YOUR TEETH INTO or — ha ha, stop there! — then click here for all the details and buy tickets.