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The Cavern Bar and Hostelling International Toronto is hiring

The Cavern Bar

Those hands could be yours …

Got an e-mail from Desmond at The Cavern Bar with a request to post some job opportunities. As Brits in Toronto’s tagline is, “The best pubs, curry, JOBS and dental care in Toronto …” how could we refuse?

He said: “I’m an English bloke, that’s carved out a career in Canada. I’m the General Operations Manager at Hostelling International Toronto. We are always looking for good people, and love the hardworking Brits to work at our facility. We are looking for bartenders, front desk agents, cooks and housekeepers. Feel free to share with your network.”

So, there you have it. The job details are below as PDFs.


Front Desk Agent




Free online employment program for immigrants to Canada

Irene Vaksman

JVS Toronto offers a free online employment program

It’s very competitive to find jobs in Toronto, let alone for those Brits thinking of coming over to try their luck. Any little helps, basically.

CanPrep, offered by JVS Toronto, is a free specialized employment program designed for internationally trained individuals immigrating to Canada to help them quickly connect to a career. The program is offered online so individuals can start preparing for employment before arriving in Canada.

Ontario investing $3.35 million over two years to help internationally trained immigrants find jobs

Ontario flag

The Ontario flag flutters proudly in the Canadian breeze

This interesting item on the wires caught our roving eye today …


“The province is investing $3.35 million over two years through the Ontario Bridge Training Program to help internationally trained professionals find jobs that match their skills and experience.

“The investment will support 11 new bridge training projects that will:

“- Improve access to career assistance services for internationally trained immigrants, for example career mentoring, employment events, language skills-training and a micro-loan program.
– Help employers recruit, hire and retain internationally trained immigrants, with networking events, an online recruiting service and employer workshops.
– Identify newcomers’ transferrable skills and alternate career pathways through, for example, mentoring events and the promotion of entrepreneurship.”

Here is the full article.

There’s a couple of job fairs coming up

Job fairs

Jobs galore for framers and others too

We got wind of a couple of job fairs coming up that may be of interest to Toronto newcomers, plus it’s FREE admission for both.

The Career, Education and Settlement Immigrant Fair 2016 is taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on June 8, 2016.

The Summer 2016 Job Fair and Training Expo is taking place at the Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton on June 15, 2016.

So pop along and land that new job!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Rob Lancaster find a job!

One day, my son, all this could be yours ...

One day, my son, all this could be yours …

As mentioned on our Jobs page, we like to help fellow Brits in Toronto find work and jobs. You just need to send some details and a link to some more information — as much as you’re comfortable sharing online — and we’ll put it out there in the hope that the British ex-pat community can keep their ears open for you.

Step up, Rob Lancaster. Here’s some details about his experience taken from his resume/CV:

“A results-oriented, adaptable, knowledgeable team player with many years experience leading teams within an Operations framework. I have an excellent understanding of working within high pressure, diverse, client-facing business environments in fields such as Asset Management, Settlements and most recently Global Custody. I am a confident decision-maker, an analytical and systemic thinker who demonstrates a meticulous attention to detail.  I meet and exceed personal targets whilst maintaining a flexible and proactive approach in order to achieve high standards of output and client satisfaction.”

Rob says, “Ideally I’m looking for a role in Investment Banking, specifically within Operations or a more client-facing relationship management role.”

You can contact Rob directly with opportunities and leads directly at rob_1974 AT hotmail.co.uk or check out his LinkedIn profile.

Good luck, mate — we hope something comes along for you soon!

Looking for a job in Toronto? Maybe I can help. No catch!

Looking for a well-paid job in the stock photo industry

Looking for a well-paid job in the stock photo industry

Just arrived in Toronto and looking for a job? Or — clever person — you are still in Great Britain and doing research first about what’s available in Toronto? Well, I’ve been there and done that and would like to help.

No catch. Free. Good karma and maybe an appreciative pint when you get settled.

Just send me whatever details you are comfortable with sharing publicly. For example, your name and e-mail, CV, LinkedIn profile, what job you are looking for etc. I will highlight you on this page and maybe — just maybe — a generous employer will spot your initiative, get in touch and Bob’s your uncle = job!

Contact me here with your details (or e-mail to britsintoronto AT gmail DOT COM) and I’ll do the rest. Good luck!