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It’s a great time to be living in Toronto right now if you love sports


That’s one happy coffee, super-caffeinated and twitching with excitement at being sold in Toronto

I popped out of the office yesterday and was strolling down Yonge Street when this geezer stopped me and said, “British Bloke.” I said, “Wot?” He said, “British Bloke.” I said, “Wot?” He said, “British Bloke.” I said, “Wot?” He said, “British Bloke.” I finally said, “Wot d’ya want?!”

Turned out he had the wrong person. Anyway, as I was meandering along in the early-autumn sunshine, I thought about the buzz around Toronto sports at the moment. It’s brilliant.

This is in large part due to the Toronto Blue Jays making the playoffs for the first time in 22 years. To a British Bloke used to quarter-finals and semi-finals and finals and you win the cup, the playoff system is still a little confusing. But there’s a massive wave of excitement sweeping the city now as people are starting to hope for big things.

They have really played well as a team and deserve every success!

Similarly, Toronto FC are close to making their own playoffs too — maybe as early as this coming Saturday. This is a team that has REALLY had its ups and downs, so it will be a BLOODY BIG DEAL if they make it this time. Fingers crossed. The Brits in Toronto crew will be at BMO Field cheering them on.

Now, the Toronto Maple Leafs. We always see the glass as half full here in our office. New manager, new attitude, new Leafs … we are hoping. Another Toronto team that hasn’t won anything major for a while — last time was 1967 — we’ll be getting behind them when the season begins.

Imagine if the Leafs, TFC and Blue Jays all won something this year? We have no idea the odds of that happening but would put some cash down just for shits and giggles. The return would be huge!

We’re Brits. We love Brit stuff. But we also choose to live in Toronto and that means we get behind the city and wish them all the luck in the world!