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Twenty things you should know before moving to Toronto


Brilliant place to live … just don’t whine about the cold

We ran across this great checklist of 20 things you should know before moving to Toronto. It comes from Notable.ca, the website catering to people much younger and more stylish than us old farts.

Some favourites …

  • You don’t “need” to know French
  • The cyclists will piss you right off
  • Yes, we have a cold winter; yes, sometimes it lasts kinda long; yes, it can be annoying; and yes, we sell warm jackets and waterproof boots and have lots of electricity so it’s really not a huge deal unless you’re just generally whiny about stuff

Check out the whole list here.

Welcome to the Immigration Portal

Toronto is certainly home to a diverse range of photo shoot models

Toronto is certainly home to a diverse range of smiling photo shoot models

“Welcome to the Immigration Portal.” That sounds pretty cool.

Now try it in a Dalek voice: “WELCOME TO THE IMMIGRATION PORTAL! WELCOME TO THE IMMIGRATION PORTAL!” That sounds pretty bloody cool.

The Immigration Portal is a very useful website resource created by the City of Toronto to help those thinking of starting a new life here.

This page is particularly handy as it helps you to prepare BEFORE arriving, with relevant checklists, the applications and forms you need, how much it costs to live in Toronto and — of course, every Brit’s favourite small talk subject matter — the weather.

The Working in Toronto section contains links to job boards and also Enterprise Toronto for business development purposes.

For those who speak other languages — such as Welsh or Brummie — you can also get assistance here.

All in all, this is a great resource for Brits who have just arrived in Toronto and those who are planning the move. Take some time to read it and you’ll learn a lot!