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Totally biased product review by me — Union Jack mug

Does exactly what is says on the mug

Does exactly what it says on the mug

The Brits in Toronto crew have been looking around for ages for a decent mug that holds a good-sized amount of tea, and we think this is it.

From HomeSense. $3.99.

The first plus point in our book is that the Union Jack design covers the whole mug. They certainly didn’t skimp on the red and blue paint (or whatever it is) when they fired this bad boy in the kiln. The flag is extremely well represented across the rotund surface of the mug, and — this really blew us away — also on the top of the handle. Very pleasing indeed.

We went to the Brits in Toronto test kitchen, popped the kettle on and waited in anticipation for the brew.

Once the tea was nicely steeped, we poured it into the mug, added some milk, a little sugar and hefted the weight in our hand. It was a nice ratio of “raise from the kitchen table” action to “taking a sip.”

That’s always important when buying a tea mug to adequately test it first, but sometimes it’s impossible to do that in the middle of a shop before buying it, but we’re here for you (on a Sunday) taking one for the team.

Don’t rush your tea. Take your time. You’ve certainly earned it.

Around 10 minutes later our mug was empty. We estimate — and we need to confirm this once we’ve checked the stats — that it took around 15* mouthfuls of tea to finish. (Disclaimer: that number may vary depending on whether you like to gulp or sip.)

All in all, the team are very impressed with this Union Jack mug and give it a solid Brits in Toronto 5/5 stars.

*More like 13.