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The best thing about living in Toronto during the World Cup is …

Beep every time you see this glorious sight on a Ford Capri 2.0. That's us

Beep every time you see this glorious sight on a Gold Ford Capri 2.0. That’s us

… the car flags!

Football is the best sport in the world. Brits are passionate about it. And now the BEST sporting event is a few days away. The Brits in Toronto crew cannot wait.

We are going to drink a lot of booze during this event. Let’s be honest about it. The best thing? Socializing with other countries’ fans. There will be Italians in the pub we frequent this coming Saturday. We have friends in blue football jerseys. It’s about the spirit of the occasion, the competition — not the aggro and trouble.

The best part, though? We love seeing all the different car flags driving around the city too. There’s nothing better than rounding the bend on the Gardiner — the one by Jameson — and suddenly spotting the red and white fluttering in the wind speeding by on the other side.

Quick! Hand on horn. Listen for the reply. Job done! Acknowledged. Respect due.

Also, the joy of overtaking the German flag. Cutting off an Argentinian flag. Slowing down to let a Japanese flag in front, as they’re polite and also won’t last long.

It’s all good fun! The city’s multiculturalism is one of its strengths. Toronto welcomes people from all nationalities, and this is the best time when that comes to the fore.

So … Brits in Toronto … get those car flags on and show support for England!


Toronto’s eight great places to watch the World Cup

See ya later, Italy!

See ya later, Italy!

The World Cup is only 11 days away now, and if you haven’t been thinking about where to watch the games, Inside Toronto have come up with a handy guide.

“For England fans there are not specific neighbourhoods where fans gather so it’s a matter of finding your favourite pub. There are no shortage of English pubs, given Toronto’s heritage, for instance, just to name a couple: The Queen and Beaver Public House at 35 Elm St. or The Duke of Gloucester at 649 Yonge Street, or Opera Bob’s Public House at 1112 Dundas Street West.”

Brits in Toronto is partial to The Duke, but there’s also The Official England House or possibly one of these locations.

No excuse! Loads of great pubs to check out. COME ON ENGLAND!!

The England team that will win the World Cup

"Hey you, the Three Lions crew, show what you do, make a break, make a move!"

“Hey you, the Three Lions crew, show what you do, make a break, make a move!”

The England football team manager, Roy Hodgson, today unveiled the names of 23 blokes that the hopes of a country will be resting on come the World Cup in June.

Brits in Toronto REALLY likes his choices, with a few slight exceptions.

We think that Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling, 19, and Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson, 23, are excellent selections, having just come off a sterling English Premier League campaign, only narrowly missing out on the title to Manchester City. Hopefully, that momentum will keep spurring them to success.

Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, 20, is also a good choice, having had a great season too. And Southampton’s Adam Lallana, 26, is a no-brainer for us as well — fantastic season.

Brits in Toronto are still on the fence about Everton’s Ross Barkley, 20, but hoping that he will be the breakout star of the tournament … there always seems to be one, so why not an England player?

Finally, we disagree with the selection of Frank Lampard (getting up there and doesn’t seem to play to his best in World Cup/Euro) and possibly Wayne Rooney for the same reasons. We hope they prove us wrong.

Just a footnote as to why people are disappointed not to see Gareth Bale in the England team. It’s because he’s Welsh.

There you have our humble opinion on the England team heading to the World Cup. It’s a young, hungry squad so let’s all get behind the Three Lions!

The Official England House is gearing up for World Cup 2014

Come on Engeeerrlllannddd!!

Come on Engeeerrlllannddd!! Shit. See you in 2018 then

If you haven’t heard yet — but if you read this site on a regular basis, we hope you have — there’s a little sporting event coming up in June 2014 called the World Cup.

To Brits in Toronto it is probably THE sporting event that we all look forward to the most. The predictions, putting the England flag on your car, joining the office World Cup pool for a fiver … and … above all … planning what pub(s) you will be watching in!

That’s where The Official England House may be able to help. Their aim is to bring passionate fans together to watch the game, with some added value.

From their site:

“Frustrated at the lack of planning and empathy from the local pub trade, [a group of England supporters] … put together a group of about 40 to 50 football fans who would gather together in their local under the badge of ‘England House.’ They had no plans to promote or push the group, only to welcome anyone that wanted to come and watch England games with them, with a typically British ‘more the merrier’ attitude.”

Here’s their promo video:

Just a quick note to clear the air. Brits in Toronto had a slight Twitter scuffle — or Twuffle — with The Official England House a few weeks ago. Bit like when a Gooner walks into Scallys. Full story here.

The Brits in Toronto position is that most people tend to have a local pub they like to frequent for football games, they know the staff etc. That’s why we list some good recommendations and let fans make their own minds up. So we don’t stand behind or represent any one pub. There’s just some we really like.

But, we recognize what The Official England House is trying to do = bringing England fans together to support what they love. Brits in Toronto STRONGLY SUPPORTS THEM and feel it’s very similar to what we are trying to do with this website = bringing Brits in Toronto together for that common ground.

Anyway, welling up here a little so check them out on Twitter and Facebook and give them a shout. Cheers!

The Duke of Gloucester = World Cup 2014 HQ for Brits!

Cheer up, son. You can have a pint and pop downstairs for a Ruby Murray

Cheer up, son … we got pretty far. Bloody Italy. Let’s have a pint and pop downstairs for a Ruby Murray

Bad news: it’s Monday. Good news: England recently qualified for the World Cup 2014!

And today I’m launching a stellar campaign to make The Duke of Gloucester pub on Yonge Street (between Bloor and Wellesley) the OFFICIAL World Cup HQ for Brits in Toronto.

I’m totally biased … let’s get that out of the way so there’s no accusations of bribery or conflict down the road. I consider it my local and have been going there a good number of years.

Having experienced a couple of World Cups/Euros there, I can attest it’s the place to be for live games. The place is jammed, seats are at a premium, usually CP24 or CityTV show up and film the joy and anguish on the faces of the collective Brits that come together as one for games.

The atmosphere is electric and the support when another English penalty shoots over the goal is heartwarming.

So … more details and campaign news to come down the road. But, let’s start getting excited!