Canadian Immigrant
A free monthly magazine with a very useful website. I still read this after 13 years of being in Toronto.

New Canadians
New Canadians is a rich and informative web and TV show portraying stories of recent immigrants making Canada their home.

The British Canadian
Canada’s only national newspaper for the two-million strong British community.

Totally British Magazine
Canada’s only other — apart from the one above — magazine for the two-million strong British community.

The Scottish Banner
Available nationally across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and by worldwide subscription service, The Scottish Banner offers its readers stories on Scottish current affairs, history and heritage, genealogy, Scottish club and society news, event listings, piping features, recipes and much more.

Toronto Star
The city’s main newspaper. Recently got rid of a paywall on its website that you could kind of read through for free if you squinted and scrolled really slowly.

Toronto Sun
Toronto’s newspaper equivalent to the British Sun.

Free newspaper given out around the city. Good round-up of local Toronto news.

24 Hrs
Another free newspaper given out on the TTC (subway/tube). Not keen on this one. Typos galore last time I read a copy.

A free local weekly newspaper detailing all the cool things to see, watch, eat, visit and read in Toronto.

Website version of NOW … quite similar.

Ditto Torontoist … but a little bit more edgy. Confused yet?

Toronto Life
Monthly magazine for the city’s residents that spend $800 on a handbag.

I have a love/hate relationship with this channel. I love the fact that they are on the spot, you can catch a glimpse of their reporters all around the city and you get the feeling Toronto news is covered. But, I hate the fact that they repeat the same story over and over again, concentrate too heavily on traffic and weather.

Ditto CP24.


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