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Tim Hortons heading to the UK. Sweet!

Tim Hortons

This liquid addiction coffee will soon be in the UK

All our British friends and family back home just don’t know the utter joy of finding a toonie down the back of the Chesterfield, jumping on a streetcar to head into the nearest Timmy’s, checking that the white crayon time is new on the steaming pot of coffee and declaring that you want a Double Double and 10 Timbits.

Soon they will be able to as … Tim Hortons is heading to the UK. What a glorious time to be alive!

Not sure if they’ll do RRRoll Up The Rim too and other promos, but Brits love to enter competitions so we hope they will. (Tims, if you’re reading this free advertising promo blog post for your company, please offer flights to Toronto/Canada as a prize so the fam can come and visit, cheers!)

Full story here.


British and Canadian citizenship? You better get a Canadian passport PDQ

Canadian passport

British and Canadian? You’ll need one of these to fly back into Canada from September 30

Pretty oldish news, but important. If you have dual British and Canadian citizenship, as of September 30, 2016, you will need a Canadian passport to be allowed to fly back into Canada.

So you have about a month to sort that out.

From Metro Toronto:

“‘What is changing is that the Government of Canada is implementing a new electronic system to assist airlines in verifying that all travellers have the appropriate documents to travel to or transit through Canada by air,’ Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada spokesperson Lindsay Wemp told Torstar News Service.

“‘Air carriers are obligated by law to confirm that all persons seeking to travel to Canada carry both proof of citizenship and proof of identity. A valid Canadian passport satisfies these requirements for Canadian citizens, and is the only acceptable travel document for the purpose of air travel.’

“Currently, Canadian citizens with dual citizenships can use the passport of the other country to enter Canada by air if they can provide proofs of residency in Canada, such as a driver’s licence and Canadian citizenship card.”

Full story here.

Ontario investing $3.35 million over two years to help internationally trained immigrants find jobs

Ontario flag

The Ontario flag flutters proudly in the Canadian breeze

This interesting item on the wires caught our roving eye today …


“The province is investing $3.35 million over two years through the Ontario Bridge Training Program to help internationally trained professionals find jobs that match their skills and experience.

“The investment will support 11 new bridge training projects that will:

“- Improve access to career assistance services for internationally trained immigrants, for example career mentoring, employment events, language skills-training and a micro-loan program.
– Help employers recruit, hire and retain internationally trained immigrants, with networking events, an online recruiting service and employer workshops.
– Identify newcomers’ transferrable skills and alternate career pathways through, for example, mentoring events and the promotion of entrepreneurship.”

Here is the full article.