The Caledonian
Toronto’s Scottish public house and whisky bar offers you a unique destination to explore their award-winning whisky list of more than 250 malts and blends, as well as some exclusive Scottish ales, lagers and stouts on tap.
Their menu offers you classics such as haggis, neeps and tatties to Scotch eggs, and yes, even deep-fried Mars Bars.

Elephant & Castle
This place has red, white and blue plastered everywhere. Very easy to get to at 212 King Street West which is literally the centre of the city. There’s also a VERY GOOD curry house just along the street.
A bit theme-y but has an old-school red telephone box in the bar if you hanker for the good old days back home when you had to phone for a 2:00 a.m. taxi to the smell of pee.

Queen and Beaver
Quintessentially British. Good choice of beverages and the nosh is very good too. Shows a lot of football.

Tilted Kilt
Like the Sun newspaper of pubs in Toronto and where the Scots hang out. Hence the kilt. But not the boobs.
Located at 38 The Esplanade which is a screeching Mini Cooper dash from Union Station.
Regular beers of the month, pub fare, a fun atmosphere and the sort of place where everyone knows your name = Jimmy.

The Duke of Kent
Another duke, this one also does the Brit thing pretty well. Slightly more up the subway line at 2315 Yonge Street (near Eglinton). Nice food, good beers, has a great little — narrow — patio on the side.
Had a friend’s stag there once. I still shudder at the memory.

St. James’s Gate
Slightly further out at 5140 Dundas Street West — but still only a 15-minute subway ride from downtown Toronto to a 10-minute walk between Islington and Kipling — is a good old Oirish pub, to be sure. The food here is EXCELLENT and manager Paddy is the congenial host.
Brits in Toronto insider tip: Paddy had the Guinness taps specially flown in from Ireland so the taste is almost exactly the same as from Dublin. Best pint I have had so far in Toronto.
Get there early for St. Patrick’s Day as queues do form …

Scotland Yard
“Put yer trousers on, yer nicked my son!” Ha ha. Not really. It just sounds like the place that the Old Bill hangs out. It’s more than that, though. Much more. Fourteen beers, pool tables and dartboards. Surveilled at 56 The Esplanade. Over and out.

Allen’s / Dora Keogh
Two for the price of one as they’re right next door to each other at 143 and 141 Danforth Avenue respectively. Irish too, but Brits love the crack sometimes. Not convinced? Here’s their whiskey collection.

Opera Bob’s
Sometimes you wake up and utter those immortal words: “I really feel like a Flying Monkey Hoptical Illusion. Where can I get one?” Opera Bob’s at 1112 Dundas Street West can take care of that and — if you’re a Manchester City fan — can connect you with like-minded fans of the football club. Win-win, back of the net!

The OverDraught
Located at 156 Front Street West, this Irish pub is very easy to find, especially for after-work drinks or before heading to the CN Tower just down the street. Great food too by Adam and Kofi. Try the pies. Delish.

The Feathers Pub
The Feathers has been Toronto’s authentic British Pub since opening it’s doors back in 1981. Some good grub on the menu too.


8 thoughts on “Booze

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  2. Scott

    You might want to check out Feather’s on Kingston Road in the Upper Beach. Most authentic British style pub in Toronto

  3. Scott

    Will you be celebrating St. George’s Day tomorrow? I will be going to a house party and will be having several English ales and Fish and Chips from Penrose Fish and Chips.

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  5. stephen

    I’ll add a few good choices for real ale. Oxley house in Yorkville has some great cask ales on handpump and scotch eggs. In the Beach, try Castro’s as they have typically three or four cask ales on hand pump, but it’s vegetarian food only. The live music makes up for that though.


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