Toronto Football Club
The only team in town really. It has “Toronto” and “Football Club” in the title, so pretty safe.

2017 MLS Cup Champions!

Catch a game, seriously. The atmosphere is great — especially the walk to the stadium at BMO Field as fans pass under the Exhibition GO train station and bang the walls.

Check out this site’s Booze section for some pubs where the fans hang out. Not a complete list, still trying to get updates.

Also, four lads are having a bit of a giggle on their Under The Cosh website and podcast.

DISCLAIMER: The term that Brits invented — “football” — on this site refers to the beautiful game. Not the one in North America where they wear helmets, throw an egg-shaped ball to each other and run two feet before the game stops for cheerleaders.

Fan Pubs

Opera Bob’s
If you’re a Manchester City fan you can connect with like-minded fans of the football club.

Firkin on King
This is the Chelsea fan’s HQ. (Fan singular, as there’s only one in Toronto.)

Firkin on Bloor
If you’re a fan of Manchester United, then this is the place to be on matchday.

Dog and Bear
It’s the main pub for West Ham fans.

Queen and Beaver
A pub for Brighton & Hove Albion and Manchester United fans. Fun times!

The Madison
Everton fans hang out here.

Scotland Yard
The Spurs Canada Toronto chapter watch all the Tottenham Hotspur games here, including Champions League.

Liberty Commons
This is where Nottingham Forest fans watch their team. Connect with them on Twitter.

The Pint Public House
The local hangout for Newcastle United fans.

Lucky Clover Sports Pub
You’ll find Leeds United fans here.

The Wheatsheaf Tavern
Toronto’s oldest bar is the HQ for Aston Villa and Crystal Palace fans.

Elephant & Castle
This is where Liverpool fans meet for games.

Fox on Danforth
A place for Arsenal fans.

Duchess of Markham
Another place for Arsenal fans.

The Aviary
Yet another place for Arsenal fans.

The Drake
Guess what? Arsenal fans.

One Eyed Jack Pub & Grill
Arsenal fans have even taken over Oshawa.

As you can see, this list is by no means complete. If you know of any other fan pubs in Toronto please contact me and let me know so I can add them to the list.


20 thoughts on “Football

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    1. Neil

      I’m in TO for business and looking for any Leeds groups watching in a pub somewhere. From Leeds. Now live in Dallas.

    1. Dburke

      Hey Michael,

      I know this reply is two and a half years on but I’m a Leicester fan in Toronto looking to form a watch group!

      Are you still in the city? If so, message me on twitter @lurkeyburke



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