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Penny Ashton is back in Toronto with Olive Copperbottom

Penny Ashton

Oh my! What the DICKENS is going on ‘ere then?

We featured Penny Ashton last year when she brought Promise and Promiscuity to Toronto … and she’s back at the Al Green Theatre from July 6-15 with Olive Copperbottom.

“Howdy British Bloke,” she squealed. “I am back in Toronto mainlining another literary superstar Charles Dickens. It’d be lovely if you had the time to do another post about this show too. I am still married to a Britisher too, which is lucky. Not sure how you’re swinging, but good luck in the election!”

Cheers Penny, swinging great thanks! And here’s the plug:

“Following the delicate sold out successes of Promise and Promiscuity, Penny Ashton swaps Austen for Dickens and brings orphaned hero Olive, and a squalid gaggle of Victorian characters to pox-ridden London life. Will Olive find a family amongst the brothels, toffs and gruel? Or will Mrs Sourtart break her heart as well as her teeth? A rollicking one-woman musical journey that will fulfil your greatest expectations and be the best of times and well … the best of times.”

We have to admit it does sound like a rip-roaring good time, so please contact Penny via her website for details.


Where were you when the Huddersfield Choral Society came to town?

Huddersfield Choral Society

Two world-class choirs will come together in a splendid concert that you really shouldn’t miss

One day in the future your grandchildren will look up to you and ask, “Where were you when the Huddersfield Choral Society came to town?”

You’ll look away … unable to meet their gaze … no story to tell. Don’t be that person.

Anne contacted Brits in Toronto to say …

“The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir is presenting a concert that I thought some of your members might be interested in.

“The TMC is thrilled to be welcoming the Huddersfield Choral Society from the UK in June to perform a joint concert of choral classics, featuring many of the greats of English Cathedral music. Enjoy works by Parry, Stainer, Harris, Tavener, Vaughan-Williams, Holst and more. Two world-class choirs, two venerable institutions, one grand symphonic sound!

“The concert takes place Sunday, June 4 at 4:00 p.m. at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church (Yonge and St. Clair). Tickets are only $35, $20 VoxTix for patrons 30 and under. More details here.

“I’d appreciate it if you would let your followers know about this concert.”

Done! And here’s a taste of what to expect:

Toronto Irish FC are looking for goalkeepers

Toronto Irish Football Club

Want to be a goalie for TIFC?

We featured Ahmed El-Etriby as a Successful Brit in Toronto back in March 2015 and he reached out to us to see if anyone out there is interested in playing as a goalkeeper for Toronto Irish FC.

The team consists of players from all corners of Ireland, and from countries as far afield as Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, England, Chile and Canada.

If you think you’re pretty good between two jumpers and can stop the ball hitting the back of the onion bag, please contact them via their website or Facebook page and say Brits in Toronto sent you, cheers.