Young immigrants urged to become Canadian citizens

A beautifully shot maple leaf, positioned atop some rustic concrete to symbolize Canada

A beautifully shot maple leaf, carefully positioned atop some rustic concrete to symbolize Canada

I was travelling downtown on the TTC this morning to hang out with a load more fun Brits in Toronto when my eye happened upon the following article in the Metro newspaper:

Young immigrants urged to become Canadian citizens

A national website and mobile app will be launched Tuesday to help young immigrants learn about the importance of getting their Canadian citizenships in light of tightening government rules.

The website,, and its accompanying Android/iPhone app explain the benefits of becoming a citizen and the application process as well as providing preparation materials for the citizenship test.

More important, there is a myth-busting section that aims at dispelling misinformation about becoming a Canadian citizen such as having to give up one’s citizenship and passport from the home country, and how getting charged or convicted with a crime will affect a person’s immigrant status.

“Many immigrant and refugee youth are unsure of what it means to be a Canadian citizen, or are unaware of their citizenship status,” said Debbie Douglas, executive director of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, an umbrella organization of 200 groups behind the initiative.

“Complications arise if they try to travel or get charged with a crime. We are confident that will help change that trend.”

We at Brits in Toronto think this is an EXCELLENT initiative. Encourage more young immigrants into the country, and educate them on making a better life for themselves, without thinking they have to give up their own citizenship.


p.s. Here’s a bonus site I found while researching this post: = very useful too.


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