Hands up if you want Marks and Spencer back in Canada


Come on Marks and Spencer, Canada misses you!

Come on, it’s a no-brainer, right? Marks and Sparks — supplier of the best pants ever (we always bring back tons) and other quality goodies.

They used to be in Canada but closed over 10 years ago due to losses. Shame.

Whenever one of the Brits in Toronto crew heads back to Old Blighty, we always make time for a trip to Marks and Sparks … especially for the food. Love it!

Do you miss it like us? Well, Paul’s Imported British Food also misses it. So much so, they have a petition on their website to bring Marks and Sparks back to Canada.

Great initiative. We think it’s a worthy cause and are putting our weight behind the campaign.

If you want to vote, just click on the really nicely designed image below and head on over …

Marks and Spencer petition


4 thoughts on “Hands up if you want Marks and Spencer back in Canada

  1. Ivan Stephen

    I bought some of the food fairly regularly (tea, jam and frozen fish, as I recall). Quality products, although others now available are just as good. I liked the clothing too, but it was rather expensive.

    But they had to make a profit here – and Canadians (other than us British Canadians, who are in the minority) never got them. If they were to return, they would need to present themselves as being more accessible and more like a regular (but smaller) supermarket. But, I think the competition is too tough here. Maybe making the grocery and clothing sides more distinct would be the answer – intersection spots in malls?


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