How much it costs to live in Toronto

How much?

Green is good, right?

“Money, money, money, always funny, in the rich man’s world.” Not our words. The words of ABBA. But they do have a point.

Compared to, say, London … Paris … Tokyo … San Francisco … we don’t think Toronto is such an expensive place to live. But, with the recent news that the average house price in Toronto is over a million bucks (around 489,000 British Pounds) then we could be totally wrong.

Good job we have websites such as Numbeo then. There’s a whole lot of data on the cost of living in Toronto, plus other fun facts such as crime, health care, pollution and traffic.

Makes for some very interesting reading if you’re a Brit considering moving to Toronto, or a Brit already living here and wondering where your hard-earned spondoolies disappears to every day.


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