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Let’s all help fellow Brit Simon find a job!

Simon Williams-Im

Friendly, outgoing, experienced, well travelled and a snappy dresser; form a queue, HR people

Simon got in touch with Brits in Toronto for help in finding a new role.

He wrote: “I am new to Toronto and I am looking for a new full- or part-time job for Monday-Friday. I am currently working remotely for a call centre for a charity and working as an online English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher.

“I have previous work experience as a receptionist, general admin, ESL instructor, journalist and a range of other roles (aka well rounded!).”

Simon is also very modest. His very nice website also mentions that he’s lived around the world including nearly eight years in South Korea … Belgium, Israel and England. Alongside a range of office and retail based roles in Birmingham, England and Vancouver.

“I am a very outgoing individual who is looking for a full- or part-time role in Toronto. I can start at short notice and hold a Canadian PR card,” he adds.

So, if you can help this Brummie land his next role — or just to compliment him on his cool fashion sense! — then you can find him at LinkedIn or via his resume.


Let’s all help fellow Brits George and Lewis find a job!

George and Lewis

George (left) and Lewis are keen to find work once they get to Toronto

George and Lewis got in touch to ask for a helping hand in securing some work in Toronto once the COVID-19 crisis is over. So if anyone out there can plan ahead or make a note to check them out, would be much appreciated.

Lewis writes …

“A friend and I are starting to look into moving to Toronto as soon as we can, hopefully as soon as all this corona [crisis] has blown over, and we’ve come across your page and are hoping that you can help us out. We’re just finishing up with university this year and have both lost our jobs due to the coronavirus so we feel now would be the perfect time to make the move while there’s nothing on for us.

“Ideally we’re looking at doing a bit of bar work for a few months, but with bartenders in North America not making as much as those in the UK we’re wondering as to whether we’d be able to make a decent living and be able to survive on a bartender’s wage and tips?”

If anyone in the industry has some insight to share, here are their LinkedIn profiles to get in touch.

Lewis: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lewis-cooper-a9833510a/

George: https://www.linkedin.com/in/george-wheater-b7ab04187/

Let’s all help fellow Brit Jordan find a job!

Jordan William

Senior Proactive Digital Marketer Extraordinaire! He even wrote his own blog post for us.

Fellow Brit in Toronto, Jordan, moved here in October and is looking for a job to suit his skills. If anyone out there can help in any way, shape or form, it would be much appreciated.

Jordan did us a favour and wrote his own blog post. That shows a LOT of proactive initiative in DIGITAL MARKETING! HINT! SNAP HIM UP NOW!

Take it away, Jordan …

Jordan moved to Canada at the beginning of October last year on an International Experience Canada visa.

He worked in retail at Club Monaco for his first six months here and is now looking for a digital marketing position in downtown Toronto.

Jordan has worked in a not-for-profit environment since 2015 and is now looking to transition to for-profit or agency environment. He has degrees in Digital Marketing and Film Studies and has worked on a large variety of marketing projects in the past all with successful outcomes.

Key skills include: marketing, budget management, internal communications, social media management, content creation, crisis communications, project management, content management systems, customer relationship management, lead generation, design and copywriting

Fun facts about Jordan:

He once completed a charity walk up Mount Snowdon.
He can make pizza from scratch.
He was president of his university’s LGBT+ society.
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/jordanpatrickwilliam/
E-mail: jordanpatrickwilliam AT gmail DOT COM

We had to wrestle the blog back out of Jordan’s hands, but all the details you need are above. Good luck to him!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Alex find a job!

Alex Irving

Say goodbye to quaint English country garden trestle tables and hello to condo patios where you have to book the BBQ!

Do you know what propaganda is? It’s when a Cockney takes a long look at Alex’s resume … and likes what he sees.

Alex contacted Brits in Toronto with the exciting news that he’s coming to Toronto on March 19 and would like to get a job ASAP.

“I have extensive experience in VIP client and supplier management and also in team management. Basically I’m looking for something in sales/ business development or partnership management.”

A quick scan of his resume using the patented HR slush pile bot reveals more: “I would best describe myself as a highly ambitious, self-motivated leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire for personal and professional growth. A keen focus on relationships is something I pride myself on maintaining to a high level with friends, colleagues and clients alike.”

So, if any connected Brits out there remember what it’s like to come to a new city and try to make a go of it, please reach out to Alex via his e-mail alexirving8 AT hotmail DOT COM or his LinkedIn profile.

Let’s all help fellow Brit Nicole find a job!

nicole walters

Already thinking about a lunch expense account

Been a while since we posted so firstly … happy new year! Only about 346 days left till Christmas.

Let’s start off mid-January 2019 with helping a fellow Brit find a job.

Nicole will be making the big move to Toronto at the beginning of April this year on an International Experience Canada working holiday visa.

With regards to finding a job once she arrives, Nicole has been looking online at some Toronto-based recruitment agencies, and have even signed up to some local career fairs — however she would hugely appreciate it if anyone out there can offer some leads or advice for her job prospects when she arrives in this fair city.

On her arrival in Toronto she will be looking for an administrative or customer service based-role.

She has over eight years of administrative and secretarial experience and is happy to be put forward for either a temporary or contract position.

Nicole considers herself to be hardworking, motivated and adaptable with excellent organisation, communication and IT skills. She can adapt to fast-paced environments and work well under pressure, both independently and as part of a team.

Her previous roles include a Client-Services Coordinator, Team Secretary and Employer Liaison Coordinator.

Interesting fun facts fact about Nicole:

She performed as a dancer in the 2012 London Olympics opening and closing ceremonies.
She can complete the Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute.
She can play the trumpet.
She can play the piano.

So, there you have it. Very impressive indeed. If anyone has some help to offer please contact Nicole at nicole.walters92 AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk. Cheers!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Emma find a job!

Emma Clay

Tons of experience? Check. Keen to connect? Check. Worth looking at her LinkedIn profile? Check

Emma contacted us and said that she moved to Toronto in May and is currently looking for a solid role. Can any kind fellow Brit (anyone will do, we’re not fussy at this stage of the game) please offer a helping hand or connect with Emma for advice on getting past the lack of  dreaded CANADIAN EXPERIENCE?

Cheers a lot, proper appreciative.

So, Emma — tell us about your excellent track record to date …

“After recently moving to Toronto after a travelling break, I am looking to dive back in to a new challenge. I have worked with Operations and Customer Experience for over seven years in the travel industry, but am open to exploring any role in an operational/logistics/customer care field.

“I have worked in both London and Zurich as a Recruitment Manager, Operations Manager, and most recently Senior Operations Manager, leading a whole range of projects from improving customer experience, to managing IT projects, to being responsible for recruitment channels and internal staff trainings, to organising meetings, trainings and events for up to 5,000 students.

“My full LinkedIn profile is here and for anyone who knows of an opportunity that could be a great fit, I can be contacted at emma.clay2 AT gmail DOT COM. Thank you!!”

Over to you, well-connected and generous-to-a-fault fellow Brits.

Interview with Daisy Wright, author of “No Canadian Experience, Eh?”

Daisy Wright

Daisy Wright talks about getting that all-important Canadian experience

We’ve written in the past about the troubles talented British immigrants face when they come to Canada looking for their first job. Extremely frustrating trying to get your foot in the door and be given a chance.

Thanks to the excellent resource that is New Canadians, they interviewed Daisy Wright, author of “No Canadian Experience, Eh?” so take a butcher’s at her video and website … may be very useful for landing that first Canadian job.

The Cavern Bar and Hostelling International Toronto is hiring

The Cavern Bar

Those hands could be yours …

Got an e-mail from Desmond at The Cavern Bar with a request to post some job opportunities. As Brits in Toronto’s tagline is, “The best pubs, curry, JOBS and dental care in Toronto …” how could we refuse?

He said: “I’m an English bloke, that’s carved out a career in Canada. I’m the General Operations Manager at Hostelling International Toronto. We are always looking for good people, and love the hardworking Brits to work at our facility. We are looking for bartenders, front desk agents, cooks and housekeepers. Feel free to share with your network.”

So, there you have it. The job details are below as PDFs.


Front Desk Agent



Let’s all help fellow Brit Flo find a job!


“I love food, me. Really do. Events with food are even better, seriously, because I’m looking for a job in that area. Ta!”

New month, new Brit looking for a job in Toronto. Let’s all help Flo as she prepares to cross the pond and try life in this fair city.

She writes:

“Hope you’re well and the weather’s on the turn for you! We’ve had a spot of snow over here (I’m based in SW England, in Bristol) the last few days, but I’m sure I’ll be laughing at these light dustings come the end of the year when I’ll be living in Toronto.

“Could I have started this e-mail in any more of a British manner?

“I came across your blog earlier this week, and never one to turn down an opportunity and a bit of help, I thought I’d ask if you wouldn’t mind helping me out with sharing my details in the search for a job for when I move this coming May?

“My LinkedIn page is here.

“I’m looking for something events related, although not necessarily corporate events! And if I can incorporate my love of food within it, even better!”

So, if you know of a good opportunity for Flo please e-mail her at flo_greenland AT hotmail DOT CO DOT UK and tell her Brits in Toronto sent you, cheers.

Do you want to work for the British Consul-General in Toronto?

Kevin McGurgan job

Folded arms body language at the job interview? Might as well get your coat

You know when you walk into a greasy spoon and the conversation goes something like this:

“Alright boss! What you ‘aving today?”
“Hey boss! My usual fry-up plus an extra fried slice please boss!”
“Nice one boss! How’s the missus?”
“She’s alright thanks boss! Can’t complain.”

Well, if you get this job, you’ll be able to walk into the office and say to Kevin McGurgan, British Consul-General in Toronto, “Morning boss! Nice weekend?” because he will be your actual BOSS, and you won’t have to josh around in nonsensical banter to lighten the Monday morning blah.

Yes, the British Consulate-General in Toronto is recruiting for the position of Executive Assistant. The position will report directly to the Consul-General and Director-General for the Department for International Trade in Canada (that’s the bloke in the photo and this is his tweet about it).

The position being offered will be on a full-time, permanent basis starting on April 3, subject to receipt of a successful security clearance. The position will be based at the British-Consulate General Toronto.

The application deadline is January 28 so get your skates on.

(And in case you’re wondering about some of the stuff you may be doing, you’re welcome.)

Let’s all help fellow Brit Mustafa find a job!

Mustafa Khan

Need IT support, welding or finance help? Look no further

It’s Christmas time and what better way to celebrate the holiday spirit than by helping a fellow Brit new to Toronto find a job.

Here’s Mustafa from London, UK and he’s looking for a position in IT support, welding (finished certification November 2017) or in the finance sector.

“I have a dynamic approach to new challenges and problem solving skills. I persevere under pressure and am not deterred by challenging tasks. I have always made a conscious effort to ensure that all targets and expectations were met to the best of my ability. I am very hard working and organised, having the ability to efficiently prioritise my work load.

“Throughout my working career I have remained professional and adhered to confidentiality based on the task at hand. At every stage of my working life to-date, I have worked with the customers (internal and external) face to face and via the telephone on a day-to-day basis and used my multilingual ability to communicate with customers to maintain business relation with them in better way possible, which allowed me to portray my outgoing, yet professional personality, further developing my leadership and communication skills.

“If you are looking for an optimistic, promising and dynamic addition to your organisation, I can offer the skills, accompanied by an unwavering work ethic. I am a very versatile worker and as a committed and passionate individual I have endeavoured to exceed the expectations of my supervisors and peers.”

So, please give the gift of employment this Christmas season and contact Mustafa via e-mail at mustafa_55 AT hotmail DOT COM if you can help!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Joshua find a job!

Joshua Cunningham

Joshua is looking for work in British/Political researching or reporting

It’s that time of the month again where we try to help out a fellow Brit earn an honest crust. Or better still, real money that can be exchanged for food, heat and rent.

So, welcome to Joshua. He’s not actually in Toronto yet, but will be soon so being the clever chap that he is, has started reaching out early. And we’re happy to help, possibly for some preemptive Timbits. But that would never happen. *sigh*

He writes:

“So I am a Brit (soon to be) in Toronto, with my flight is booked for the November 25. I am a lucky International Experience Canada lottery winner, and will be able to work in Canada for two years! For the last few months, I’ve been researching all the cool things I will soon be able to explore/do, but the looking for a job bit is trickier.

“So you’re offering to help out fellow Brits in that area? Thank you so much! Any advice/help will be very appreciated. Can I offer you some preemptive Timbits in return? I’ve heard they’re good.

“Firstly I’ve got no idea what is a realistic Canadian salary expectation for myself (other than above minimum wage)? If I could get a job in British/ Political researching or reporting, I would be bleeming over the moon. I want to do a masters in international relations in a few years, so anything relevant to that would be awesome.

“But dream job aside, any 9-5 office job where I get the weekend off to enjoy Canada sounds pretty good too.”

So, there’s Joshua’s ideal wishlist. If you can help — or know someone who can — please contact him at CunninghamJ95 AT outlook DOT COM … and good luck to him.

Let’s all help fellow Brit Kerry find a job!

Kerry Bond

Kerry is heading to Toronto next month and looking for a job!

Incoming! Kerry is a Brit heading to Toronto next month and, being well organized, has already requested a free plug to see if there’s any interested people or companies out there willing to consider her for a job.

Here’s some deets …

Kerry says she’s open to any kind of job but hopefully something in hospitality or personal training/fitness. Some highlights include: Confident speaker in front of large crowds or just on a one-to-one basis; Active team member and also self-motivated individual; Positive attitude to any situation which is shown through work in the prison service.

Kerry also has some experience in event promotion, social media and as a home carer. A pretty varied skill set if you ask us.

So, if you — or someone you know — can help Kerry out, please e-mail her at kerryannebond AT hotmail DOT CO DOT UK or contact this keen Brit via her LinkedIn profile.

Good luck, Kerry!

ADP Soccer Academy are hiring for a full-time coach. Know anyone?


Think you can teach people how to knock these in the back of the net? Might be a full-time job in it for you

Now, this is a superb opportunity for someone who likes football and thinks they can teach others to play the beautiful game. Paid too. Yes. A full-time job kicking a football around.

Josh Bill, Director and Founder of ADP Soccer Academy in Oakville and Mississauga contacted Brits in Toronto. Here’s what he said:

“I moved to Toronto three-four years ago and have recently set up my own soccer academy business in Oakville and Mississauga. We have six full-time staff who I have flown over from the UK and employed, myself being from Stoke-on-Trent and some others spread around the UK.

“We also have former Stoke City Premier League player Andy Wilkinson working for us.

“We are looking for a full-time member of staff to coach in our academy. They must have coaching qualifications. Can you help?”

Job done, Josh.

The official title is Soccer Head Coach and the salary range is $30,000-$35,000.

If you or anyone out there in Internet land are interested in the position, please e-mail Josh at josh AT adpsoccer DOT COM or dog and bone him at 905-276-0676.

Please mention Brits in Toronto if you do …  and good luck!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Kathy find a job!


The recruiter wants to become the recruited

Kathy got in touch with us back in October with the exciting news that her husband had been offered a new job in Toronto, so, with the alternative being divorce or separation, decided to come with him.

She came for a few days shortly after for a mini-trip, but has now moved to Toronto and is — as we all have at some point — started the job hunt. We offered to give her a hand, hence today’s blog post.

Here’s her overview: “A highly organised, personable and motivated team player, I have experience in both internal recruitment and recruitment consultancy across a variety of sectors. Am passionate about supporting young people into work and, until the beginning of this month, I was running a youth recruitment social enterprise that placed young people (18-25) into jobs across London, UK.

“Now looking for recruitment-related roles, ideally in the corporate, social enterprise or not-for-profit sector. Very open to opportunities and would love to hear from anyone regarding vacancies and/or advice. Many thanks in advance.”

She also added: “Thank you so very much for your help. If I can return the favour at all (am currently in possession of a large box of Yorkshire Tea which I would be very happy to share with you!) please let me know.”

Bribes always work with us, so that helped a lot.

If you — or someone you know — can connect Kathy with a good opportunity, please e-mail her at kathyandrea01 AT gmail DOT COM, send a tweet or via her LinkedIn profile.

Brit in Toronto is hiring renovators and construction labourers


“Where do you want these planks then, mate?”

Are you a renovator or construction labourer looking for some work? You may be in luck.

Brit in Toronto Colin contacted us, has been in the construction industry for 35 years, is swamped with work and needs some handy lads. Here’s what he said …

“I am a Brit who is living/working in Toronto. I have recently started my own company.
Thought that maybe you could help me to connect to construction lads who are looking for work. Please note: almost all the work is interior.

“I am looking to hire a renovation/construction helper (at first on a part-time basis) who has some experience and hopefully is a bit of a jack of all trades sort of thing. If they are clever and willing to learn and have a good attitude then I don’t mind providing some training.

“But most important of all … must be neat and tidy when working. Wages will be fair and in keeping with experience. There is work all winter.”

If you fit the bill, contact Colin directly at colinonthemove AT yahoo DOT COM or dog and bone him on 416-834-1277 and mention Brits in Toronto.

Let’s all help fellow Brit Iain find a job!


Brits are pretty good at engineering too you know! Got any leads for Iain?

Iain got in touch with us for some help and advice from fellow Brits in Toronto in finding work in engineering. Here’s his story:

“I would like to reach out to any fellow Brits who might have advice for me in my, so far unsuccessful, search for work.

“I am an experienced civil/structural engineer and I’m finding it extremely difficult to make any progress with employers in the GTA. It appears that the engineering job market is currently very competitive so companies are not even considering newcomers.

“My recent career experience is in heavy industrial sectors (oil, energy etc.) but I have a background in general infrastructure work with engineering consultancies. I also began my career as a designer/technologist so would be prepared to revert back to this if required. Essentially, I’ll do anything if given the chance.

“Please contact me for my resume … and hopefully some of your readers might have some advice.”

So, engineering community in Toronto, if you can help Iain in any way, shape or form, his e-mail is iain DOT greenshields AT gmail DOT COM or check out his LinkedIn profile.

Good luck, Iain!

Free online employment program for immigrants to Canada

Irene Vaksman

JVS Toronto offers a free online employment program

It’s very competitive to find jobs in Toronto, let alone for those Brits thinking of coming over to try their luck. Any little helps, basically.

CanPrep, offered by JVS Toronto, is a free specialized employment program designed for internationally trained individuals immigrating to Canada to help them quickly connect to a career. The program is offered online so individuals can start preparing for employment before arriving in Canada.

Ontario investing $3.35 million over two years to help internationally trained immigrants find jobs

Ontario flag

The Ontario flag flutters proudly in the Canadian breeze

This interesting item on the wires caught our roving eye today …


“The province is investing $3.35 million over two years through the Ontario Bridge Training Program to help internationally trained professionals find jobs that match their skills and experience.

“The investment will support 11 new bridge training projects that will:

“- Improve access to career assistance services for internationally trained immigrants, for example career mentoring, employment events, language skills-training and a micro-loan program.
– Help employers recruit, hire and retain internationally trained immigrants, with networking events, an online recruiting service and employer workshops.
– Identify newcomers’ transferrable skills and alternate career pathways through, for example, mentoring events and the promotion of entrepreneurship.”

Here is the full article.

There’s a couple of job fairs coming up

Job fairs

Jobs galore for framers and others too

We got wind of a couple of job fairs coming up that may be of interest to Toronto newcomers, plus it’s FREE admission for both.

The Career, Education and Settlement Immigrant Fair 2016 is taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on June 8, 2016.

The Summer 2016 Job Fair and Training Expo is taking place at the Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton on June 15, 2016.

So pop along and land that new job!

Job opportunity … and this one’s a rare gem

Griffin and Highbury

Can you take the high pressure and shine like this diamond had to?

Geoff Black is a real diamond geezer.

Even though he was born in Toronto, Geoff grew up in a British household and spent time in the UK. His family are from Devon and London and he currently works at Mississauga-based Griffin & Highbury diamond company.

Geoff is looking to hire possibly one candidate for a sales position. “The sales are telephone based,” he writes. “It pays a salary as well as commission that is very competitive.

“We help in the acquisition of fancy coloured diamonds for investment purposes. I am looking for a self-motivated, driven young person to reach out to prospective clients via telephone and to complete 10-minute online presentations to prospects on the merits and risks of diamond investment. Answering any questions and or concerns they may have and ultimately making a sale.

“The candidate must have a thick skin, make a lot of phone calls and present well. A money-motivated person is probably a bonus as well. No diamond knowledge is required as training will be extensive.

“Many years ago someone would have given my family an opportunity when they came to Canada from London. Maybe this could be me paying it forward?” he adds.

So there you have it. If this role interests you, contact Geoff at gblack AT griffinandhighbury DOT COM com or dog and bone him on 905-813-0008 and mention Brits in Toronto.

Good luck, candidates!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Liz find a job!

Liz Chester

Liz is a talented Brit in Toronto. There’s jobs here. Let’s connect the two

There’s so many talented Brits moving to Toronto that we feel a need — nay, a duty — to find them good jobs. There are some around … it’s just a matter of connecting the two.

So come on, 22 Brits in Toronto readers, one of you must be able to help Liz?!

Here’s her story …

“I recently moved to Toronto with my other half as he is on a secondment with his UK employer here for two years,” explains Liz. “I am a marketing communications professional with a a BA (Hons) degree in Public Relations and seven years experience, and I am looking for a position within the greater Toronto area.

“I am legally entitled to work in Canada and am very much open to new opportunities of any kind whilst here — part time, full time, temporary and permanent.

“I have worked for national and international companies implementing communications plans and marketing campaigns, and have delivered exceptional results in complex marketplaces, including biotechnology, manufacturing, construction and engineering.

“I’m an adaptable, strategic thinker who is able to translate brand strategy into effective tactics in order to achieve business goals. A caring and trained leader with experience in coaching less experienced team members.

“Key skills include: marketing, internal communications, public relations, events, trade shows, SEO, social media, corporate responsibility, crisis communications, project management, content management systems, customer relationship management, lead generation, design and copywriting.”

Tons of experience. So what about your spare time, Liz?

“I’m a keen volunteer, love walking our foster dog, Winter, around High Park, exploring all of the new experiences that Toronto has to offer, being creative and meeting new people,” she adds.

Thanks Liz. Can you help her? If so, please e-mail her at lizchester630 AT gmail DOT COM or check out her LinkedIn profile.

Showcase your tech skills from the UK to Canadian companies


Before you ask when, where or what, please check the image above and save us both some time, cheers

Ever wished you could get out of bed, yawn, scratch your chin, put on your slippers, brew a cuppa, wander across to your computer and possibly score a new job with a Canadian technology company? All from the comfort of your own home in the UK?

Wish no more.

The VanHackathon is a virtual event taking place from May 20-22, 2016 that is aimed at programmers, designers and digital marketers who want to show their skills to Canadian technology companies. This way you can have a higher chance of getting hired and bring your talents to Canada! [Says the promo blurb on the website.]

“Hmmm,” we hear you muse. “But Brits in TORONTO, just saying, the Van part of the name sounds suspiciously like Vancouver, thus negating your mandate of helping Brits in TORONTO, n’est-ce pas?”

That’s what we thought too. Until tonight’s bloody insomnia gave us time to read the whole website which explained it’s also open to Canadian companies from coast to coast. Which includes Toronto. But cheers for making us check that first.

And the judges are the Canadian technology companies taking part. So, that could score you a sweet job.

So what have you got to lose? Give it a go and maybe Brits in Toronto will see you in this section at some point in the near future. Please keep us in the loop if that happens, much obliged.

Let’s all help fellow Brit Christopher find a job!

Christopher Jordan Lee

Need a Learning and Development professional? Christopher is your bloke

Brits in Toronto got an e-mail a few days ago from Christopher who is planning a move to this fair city and needs a head start finding work.

He wrote, “I’ve been looking at your site as part of my prep for moving to Toronto in October this year. I came across the jobs page and thought I would drop you a line with my CV to see if you know anyone who would be interested in hiring me.”

Always willing to put the word out there, so Christopher provided some more info on what he’s ideally looking for …

He’s a Learning and Development professional with almost six years years of international experience in that discipline. He’s worked as a trainer for a FTSE 100 company and facilitated training to all levels of the business, from new hires to CEOs.

Christopher has also worked in the UK, Nova Scotia and India providing financial services and developmental training. In 2013 he was awarded a national “Trainer of the Year Award” by the Welsh Contact Centre Awards.

He is passionate about development … and that includes his own. Having spent the last four years getting qualified in Learning and Development, he now possesses a Master Diploma in Learning and Development, a Diploma in Learning Facilitation and a Diploma in e-learning.

He also spent time as a trainer on a cruise ship travelling between countries and working with a diverse and multicultural workforce, consisting of 42 nationalities.

Christopher is open to all offers, but in line with his experience a Learning and Development Manager position would be the ideal role.

So, fellow Brits in Toronto, if you can help him get a head start his e-mail is bulbscrib AT btinternet DOT COM or check out his LinkedIn profile.

Good luck, Christopher!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Amber find a job!

Taken with Lumia Selfie

Not sure where that is … but looks warmer than Toronto at the moment!

Amber contacted us today needing some help finding work in this great city of Toronto. How could we refuse a fellow Brit needing a hand? (She also has Australian citizenship.)

In 2015 Amber began an 11-month trip around the world in which she visited over 40 countries. She says this was a transformative experience that gave her a true appreciation for diverse cultures and people, and she is now committed to refocusing on the development of her career.

Personally, we respect anyone that takes the time at any stage of life to travel and believe that open experience can bring a lot to the table for an employee in a new role.

Amber is seeking work opportunities where she can use her skills in fast-moving consumer goods and data analysis. Ideally, Category or Team Analyst roles would be perfect — her background is with retailers and consumer goods — but, “my skills are pretty transferable,” she says.

She has worked in various categories and developed a wide range of disciplines, including analyzing sales data, simplifying business processes and developing customer relationships.

Amber is available for interviews immediately, so please contact her at smithamber DOT cv AT gmail DOT COM if you can help, or have some job leads to pass on.


Get help with finding a job at the Newcomers Career Fair Toronto

Yosser Hughes

“Gizza job,” just doesn’t cut it these days, you need to be a little more prepared

You’ve just arrived in Toronto and need a helping hand with finding a job.

Or want visa and immigration advice, career services, education and English language testing, foreign credential assessment and settlement services.

Well, you’re in luck! Newcomers Canada is holding its Newcomers Career Fair in Toronto on April 30, 2016 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

General admission at the door is $10 but you can pre-register for free. Yes … EFF … ARR … EE … EE … FREE!

Here’s the exhibitors list and the jobs list (PDF).

Let’s all help fellow Brit Lucy find a job!


I’ll have a well-paying job please with a side of health benefits

Let’s all say hello to Lucy … “Hello Lucy!”

She and her husband are moving from Old Blighty  to Toronto next summer and Lucy has already started her job search, so if anyone out there has some leads for a fellow Brit it would be much appreciated.

Lucy currently works as a media sales executive and — over to her — “Ideally, I’m looking for an opportunity in sales, in the media, customer based, something similar. I would love some advice on where to look and what Toronto is looking for in a potential British employee. I am very friendly, a proper people person and very motivated in whatever I do. Success is a big thing for myself.”

So if you can offer advice or job leads, please e-mail her at lucy–atkinson AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk — cheers!

Help wanted for an artistic environment

Help wanted

You want to help. They need your help. Go for it!

We appreciate the fact that our readers are contacting Brits in Toronto with early access to information before it’s made public. Thank you, keep ’em coming!

Here’s a job lead that hasn’t been posted yet so it may give you a head start … and the company says they have an affinity for Brits 🙂

Artage Pictures is hiring for a someone who is fabulous for reception, customer service, admin … it’s for an upscale artistic environment, funky yet classy.

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will be a must (evening as well), eventually with Sundays dropping off and the other three days becoming longer days.

Candidates must present well, be refined and fun! The pay will be around $28,000k-$30,000k to start but it will be a full-time job.

Please note that the role will not lead to photography so they’re aiming to find people who aren’t hoping to be photographers.

If you fit the bill, please e-mail heidi AT artagepictures DOT COM or phone 647-898-7464.

Good luck!

Magnet: Connecting immigrants to employment opportunities


Mark Patterson talks about connecting newcomers to Canada with jobs

New Canadians features an interview with Mark Patterson, Executive Director, Magnet who talks about the new online tool that helps bring down barriers to employment for new immigrants to Canada.

“We have over 2,900 employers that are looking to use the system,” he says. “And a lot of our employers are very interested in connecting in a targeted way to newcomers to Canada and are committed to trying to help people transition more quickly.”

Worth a look!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Adam find a job!

Caption this

“I’m fishing around for a job. Cod anyone plaice help me?”

We’ve had the pleasure of featuring a lot of Successful Brits in Toronto on the site recently, and also enjoy helping the next generation cross the pond to join that illustrious group.

Today we’re happy to “big up” Adam who is looking for a move into recruitment or facilities management.

Adam considers himself to have, “excellent organisation, communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to perform confidently under pressure, alone or as part of a team.”

His past roles include Business Director, Project Manager, Facilities Manager and Recruiter.

Interesting factoid #1: Adam was also a semi-professional footballer for seven years. Interesting factoid #2: He likes match fishing and is a marine fishing enthusiast.

So, if any of that takes your fancy, you can help Adam with a leg up and contact him at apbaylis AT googlemail DOT COM or via his LinkedIn profile.

Good luck, Adam!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Grant find a job!

Grant wants to be “bigged up”

Scottish lad Grant sent an e-mail to Brits in Toronto, mentioned that he’s applying for International Experience Canada and therefore needs some help in being “bigged up” — his words. Always happy to oblige, so here’s some intel …

Grant tells us that he’s looking for a job in IT, probably entry level since his experience is limited.

He’s worked at a bank, got some programming skills and, “independently designed and developed two database systems for my university honours project to compare the performance of SQL and NoSQL. The databases I built digitized the companies’ catalogue items, orders, current stock holdings, and customers, reducing company costs by removing the need for 3rd party data management and paper records.”

Sounds good to us. Can’t get enough SQL these days, to be fair.

He’s also a nice chap. As the volunteer website assistant for the Huntington’s Disease Scotland charity since November 2014, Grant audits, updates, maintains, develops and designs the Huntington’s Disease Scotland charity website. In a group of other volunteers he completes all these jobs to ensure the website remains current with content from HD Scotland, and current with ever-evolving web technologies.

So, there you have it. If anyone in Toronto can give him a head start, contact grant.woolard1 AT gmail DOT Com or check his LinkedIn profile.

Good luck, mate!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Wayne find a job!

This is one Wayne that doesn't need a job. He's a multi-billionaire, fights crime and has chiselled cheekbones to die for

This is one Wayne that doesn’t need a job. He’s a multi-billionaire, fights crime by night and has chiselled cheekbones to die for. But he is a Brit, so that’s good

We pulled a random postcard out of the Brits in Toronto mailbag and it was from Wayne. He writes, “I’m looking for a job in Canada. I’m currently based in the U.K. but keen to relocate ASAP.”

Can’t blame him. Good life in Toronto.

So, here’s some more details. Wayne is looking for: Business Development, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Manager or, “anything that is in line with my skills and experience.”

And those are …

Fifteen years’ industry experience, with sectors covering digital (UX, front end development, project management), retail, integrated marketing, design and branding. Wayne’s worked with a broad range of clients from high profile creative agencies, SMEs, corporate PLCs and public sector to retail and digital studios. He has built up a range of skills, which have provided him with a platform to succeed in his next role. He is also a team player and a mentor!

Wayne also runs his own kickboxing academy with a range of students from junior to senior level, and is a qualified Chinese Kickboxing instructor (Blackbelt 2nd Dan), Lau Gar Kung Fu (Blackbelt 1st Dan), and Personal Trainer.

So, if any of that whets your appetite — or someone you know who can help Wayne out — here is his LinkedIn profile and the e-mail is fuquan40 AT gmail DOT COM.

Good luck, Wayne!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Daniel find a job!


“OK guys, positions please, and … ACTION!”

Been a busy week with Brits keen to come to Toronto and find some good jobs. Today we feature Daniel, a photographer and filmmaker currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

“Ever since a visit I made to Toronto eight years ago, I have wanted return to live and work there,” explains Daniel. “I’m in the early stages of planning out this move. Currently in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend in Connecticut, and after 18 months of back and forth travelling and pixelated communication we see Toronto as an inspiring place to finally be together.

“I’m two years out of university and have since been freelancing in the film and news industry. I’ve done work for Sky, BBC, Channel 4 & 5 to name a few and most notably Starz on the new series Outlander.

“Ideally I am looking for work in an art/design/media agency, either advertising, filmmaking, photography. I’m attracted to the idea of a full-time position rather than freelance as I’m guessing most freelancing is unionized in Canada and I’d prefer the security.

“Of course what I have mentioned is ideal and I am able to graft my hands to pretty much anything that comes my way.

“Right now I guess I’m curious to know what the job market is like. The logistics of obtaining an employment visa and how welcoming the local employers are to British workers.”

There you have it — sounds like a talented chap! If you or anyone can help Daniel or connect him with some leads, please contact him at danielwilliamhill AT gmail DOT COM.

Let’s all help fellow Brit Dave find a job!

"That's all from BBC Cumbria. And now, the weather ..."

“That’s all from BBC South West Cumbria. And now, the weather in your region …”

No intro needed … Dave can speak for himself:

“Hi Toronto. My name is Dave — I’m 27 and from London, England. I’m a romantic migrant (met a Canadian girl in London) and moved here last week. I’m looking for work in corporate communications at an executive or management level (in-house preferred).

“I have over five years’ experience in corporate communications with my most recent job seeing me promoted twice to become Head of Communications at the U.K. members association for digital television; members included the BBC, Sony, Warner Bros., Disney and BSkyB.

“You can view my LinkedIn profile or e-mail me at dharding22 AT gmail DOT COM with any questions.

“As someone new to Toronto I’m also keen to meet new people as well as pursuing my career. I’m a Liverpool fan and enjoy playing pick-up soccer … so maybe I’ll see you in Scallywags soon!”

Good luck, Dave!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Benjamin find a job!

Benjamin never sent a photo so here's a dog dressed as Kiss "drumming" up some support

Benjamin never sent a photo so here’s a dog dressed as Kiss “drumming” up some support

We got a nice e-mail from Benjamin who is interested in moving to Canada and, being the smart bloke that he is, has started doing his job research in advance. He asked for some PR so here’s his e-mail, bold is ours …

“Dear Brits in Toronto,

“I’ve been thinking about moving to Canada for about a year now and I had no idea where to start. I knew I would need a job but that it would be hard to find one. So first off, I would like to say thanks for helping people with that on your awesome site. Also, congratulations on the best new website award!

“While I was at university I went on an Erasmus exchange program to study (partly) in Lyon, France, and I had an amazing nine months living and taking in a new culture. This experience has given me a real desire to move and live abroad, and after a lot of research I decided Canada was the best place to move.

“I am a 22-year-old who graduated from the University of Cumbria with a BA (hons) Business Management in July, and at the moment I’m working part time at the local Tesco. With my degree I am interested in going into Recruitment, Banking, Wealth Management or any other positions that may be available and that I have the right skill set for. Hopefully this will seem quite attractive to employers!

“Thank you for reading this. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and hopefully I’ll be able to get you a thank you pint in Toronto.”

Always happy to oblige, Benjamin. If anyone out there can help, you can e-mail him at ben_scaife AT hotmail dot co dot uk or connect on his LinkedIn account.

Good luck mate!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Gareth find a job!

Caption goes here

Gareth dreams of being on a GO Train heading to his engineering job. You could make it happen

It’s time again to reach out and try to help a fellow Brit find a job!

We got this e-mail from Gareth:

“I came across your website today during a regular search of mine for opportunities for British people in Canada.

“My name is Gareth, I am a British citizen still living in the U.K. I am looking to emigrate to the Toronto area in April 2015. I am engaged to a Canadian citizen from that area and we will be getting married in May 2015. Once we are married, we will make the application for a permanent visa through the spouse route.

“As this could take six months or even more I am looking for ways to allow me to emigrate and work in Canada earlier. The most likely method I see is if I were to get on the IEC 2015 program — however, I know this is risky due to the low number of spaces available and how quickly they fill.

“I studied Chemical Engineering as a student to masters level and I know there are lots of opportunities in Engineering and for my discipline in Canada. However my profession was taken off the list this year that would have allowed me to apply for an open visa through my own qualifications.

“As a result, if the IEC didn’t materialize, the only way of me being able to work in Canada for the initial period following the wedding would be to have a job offer from a company sponsoring me as a foreign worker. I have found this very difficult to find because I have currently been working for two years out of university so I do not yet have the experience that most companies look for when hiring temporary foreign workers.

“Do you think there is anything you or the site would be able to help with in regards to finding such a company? I know it is just a matter of time before I will have a permanent visa and things will be so much easier but I am hoping it is something I can make happen sooner rather than later.

“Thanks for any help you are able to offer.”

Gareth is also a nice chap as he has done volunteer work attending two STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) events, including ongoing mentoring of a small group of local high school children, designed to encourage young people to take up STEM subjects as future careers.

So, if any nice companies out there can assist this proactive bloke in getting a good start in Toronto, please contact him at garethr1989 AT gmail DOT COM — cheers.

Good luck, Gareth!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Christian find a job!

Christian's been in Toronto a couple of months and took this photo to prove it

Christian’s been in Toronto a couple of months and took this photo to prove it

Yes, Brits in Toronto works Sundays. We feel it’s a small price to pay to help a fellow Brit find a job. Today, we’re featuring Christian so give him a shout if you can help …

When did you arrive in Toronto and what brought you here?

I’ve been here for a couple of months after leaving England with my (Canadian) girlfriend. She had been teaching back in England but got a job recruiting teachers from Canada once her visa expired. After a two-week holiday over Christmas to meet the parents, etc. we decided I would come this summer and try the Canadian life!

What stage are you at: landed immigrant, permanent resident, citizen?

So far, I’ve just been playing the tourist role. I’m here only on the six months allowed as a visitor but now plan to stay longer and find work. As far as I can tell, the best option from here is to apply for the International Experience Canada and if all goes well, the common-law sponsorship after that. At this point though, any advice is welcome!

What kind of work are you looking for?

I’m trained in the sport and leisure industry and have a high level of football coaching badges (currently doing some voluntary coaching in Ontario). Where that hasn’t been a full-time position for me in the past, I’ve worked in education for the past four years, working in behaviour management and pastoral care. For now though, I’m happy to try my hand at anything!

What has been the best and worst aspects of the experience of coming to Toronto?

So I’m currently in the GTA (Oakville) but it’s so easy to get into Toronto, the people are mostly friendly and there’s plenty to do, with quite a lot of free options too. Enough sport to follow for someone keen on that topic and as an avid Tottenham fan, seeing JD again is good for me.

Downside? HST drives me mad!

Open question: what would you like to ask our readers, tell them or talk about? Use this as a chance to give your account of a British newcomer to Toronto.

I’ve met a couple of Brits so far, but sites like this can be so helpful. Any advice you can give/receive can go a long way. Saying that, after reading this, any advice you want to give/ask you can e-mail/Tweet me … I’ll leave the details at the bottom.

My one piece of advice to sign off with would be to take any opportunity that someone may give you, be sociable, explore and interact with people. You only get one life, enjoy it!

Twitter: @_Tian15 / E-mail: chris.tian15 AT hotmail.com

Let’s all help fellow Brit Jamie find a job!

"Help, I'm trapped in this bubble and it's really funny! Plus I need a job, please."

“Help, I’m trapped in this bubble and it’s really funny! Plus I need a job, please,” says Jamie

As mentioned on our Jobs page, we like to help fellow Brits in Toronto find work and jobs. You just need to send some details and a link to some more information — as much as you’re comfortable sharing online — and we’ll put it out there in the hope that the British ex-pat community can keep their ears open for you.

Jamie is a clever man. Even though he’s not arriving in Toronto until the end of June, he’s started doing his job research … which is how he ended up on Brits in Toronto. Here’s some information Jamie told us:

“I came across your page today and found it a great source of information towards Toronto, some of which I hadn’t read elsewhere. [Thanks mate! BIT.] The past few months I’ve been going through the process of saving up and applying for my working visa in order to head to Canada this summer, and in December I finally received my approval and 12-month work permit/holiday confirmation.

“I fly out in June directly to Toronto, so I’ve been looking into potential jobs (part-time or full-time) but it’s always difficult to get an idea without actually being ‘there’ and getting the opportunity to get out and speak to potential employers face-to-face.

“I’d be looking for any type of work really, I’m a fast learner (I know everyone says that but I do believe it!) and would just appreciate any advice you might be able to give me, or if you know of any opportunities out there for someone like me, for when I arrive.”

Jamie adds that he’s open to most types of work, but has a lot of retail experience. If any fellow Brits in Toronto — or even Canadian employers! — want to connect with Jamie, his e-mail is jam_joe AT hotmail.co.uk.

Best of luck, mate!

Let’s all help fellow Brit Rob Lancaster find a job!

One day, my son, all this could be yours ...

One day, my son, all this could be yours …

As mentioned on our Jobs page, we like to help fellow Brits in Toronto find work and jobs. You just need to send some details and a link to some more information — as much as you’re comfortable sharing online — and we’ll put it out there in the hope that the British ex-pat community can keep their ears open for you.

Step up, Rob Lancaster. Here’s some details about his experience taken from his resume/CV:

“A results-oriented, adaptable, knowledgeable team player with many years experience leading teams within an Operations framework. I have an excellent understanding of working within high pressure, diverse, client-facing business environments in fields such as Asset Management, Settlements and most recently Global Custody. I am a confident decision-maker, an analytical and systemic thinker who demonstrates a meticulous attention to detail.  I meet and exceed personal targets whilst maintaining a flexible and proactive approach in order to achieve high standards of output and client satisfaction.”

Rob says, “Ideally I’m looking for a role in Investment Banking, specifically within Operations or a more client-facing relationship management role.”

You can contact Rob directly with opportunities and leads directly at rob_1974 AT hotmail.co.uk or check out his LinkedIn profile.

Good luck, mate — we hope something comes along for you soon!

Hire Justin Kozuch!

Proficient in hash tags and URL shorteners. Box ticked

Justin’s extremely proficient in creating hash tags and URL shorteners. Box ticked!

My well-connected social media network of influencers with Klout scores of 87 and higher put me onto the chap above, Justin Kozuch.

He is currently “in between jobs” (OK — unemployed) and keen to start a new role. Although not British, the name Justin does have a certain air of aristocracy about it so I’m giving him a free pass and helping spread the word about his “Hire Justin” campaign.

Here’s what he’s looking for, taken from his personal website: “My ideal role is working within a marketing and public relations capacity. I’d like to help bring a new product or service to market and help drive awareness, sales and customer acquisition of an existing product or service-based company already operating in Toronto.

“As I’ve spent the last year working for an app-based service (Hailo), I’m particularly interested in working for an organization that uses mobile as the primary (or secondary) touchpoint for a customer experience. Finally, I’d like to leverage and build upon my community management, e-mail marketing and traditional marketing skills.

“In short, I’m wildly curious about the intersection of traditional/digital marketing and public relations and I’m keen to learn as much as I can about that intersection.”

So, there you have it. If you’re an employer looking for a good egg, or a fellow Brit who can help out and spread the word, direct them to Justin’s page or tweet the hell out of him until he cries out plaintively, “Stop it you scoundrel!”

Good luck JK!

Update: Justin got hired. Well done mate!

Yes, great … but do you have CANADIAN EXPERIENCE?

That million-dollar question every Brit will face at their first job interview in Canada.

“I like your track record, Mr. Smith. After quitting a highly successful law career, deciding that after 10 years the brain surgery field wasn’t for you and heading up the multi-national conglomerate and steering it into a $10 billion IPO, your resume is certainly impressive. But do you have Canadian experience?”

Argghhhh! It’s catch-22. How can you get Canadian experience if no one is willing to give you the chance?

I was VERY lucky. Landed a job within months of moving to Toronto and haven’t looked back since. But — I do say that we all make our own luck in life. I researched companies in Toronto six months before I left London, U.K., so was already ahead of the game before I landed. My first employer liked that initiative and I believe it helped land the role.

It breaks my cold English heart to see well-qualified immigrants not get the chance they deserve, and end up as taxi drivers or security guards. They leave a lot behind to start a new life in Canada, and then get a bad impression when no realistic job interview is offered to them after 200 application letters.

I won’t pretend to have a solution. But I have always believed that you hire people for the skills they bring to the table, their ability to do an excellent job, their track record and not because of where they’re from.

We should be embracing the highly skilled immigrants literally begging to come to this brilliant country and contribute to society.

A quick plug for Canadian Immigrant. You can read a lot of these tales of woe there in the letters section.

Update: Following a tweet, Settlement.org mentioned that they have an article on this very subject. Interesting to see that, and I quote, “In Ontario, employers cannot request Canadian work experience unless it is a legitimate job requirement.”