Let’s all help fellow Brit Dave find a job!

"That's all from BBC Cumbria. And now, the weather ..."

“That’s all from BBC South West Cumbria. And now, the weather in your region …”

No intro needed … Dave can speak for himself:

“Hi Toronto. My name is Dave — I’m 27 and from London, England. I’m a romantic migrant (met a Canadian girl in London) and moved here last week. I’m looking for work in corporate communications at an executive or management level (in-house preferred).

“I have over five years’ experience in corporate communications with my most recent job seeing me promoted twice to become Head of Communications at the U.K. members association for digital television; members included the BBC, Sony, Warner Bros., Disney and BSkyB.

“You can view my LinkedIn profile or e-mail me at dharding22 AT gmail DOT COM with any questions.

“As someone new to Toronto I’m also keen to meet new people as well as pursuing my career. I’m a Liverpool fan and enjoy playing pick-up soccer … so maybe I’ll see you in Scallywags soon!”

Good luck, Dave!


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